Applying to university

If you have decided that undertaking a degree course at a South African university is the right path for you, then there are some important factors you need to consider next before applying to university.

List of universities

Browse the list of universities in South Africa to view quick facts about the university, how to apply, contact information and more.

Choosing a course

There are some aspects you must consider when choosing a university course.

What to take to university

We put together a comprehensive list of all the items you might possibly need for your convenience.

Student accommodation

Looking for a house, flat, apartment? We have put together resources to help you find what you need.

General factors

When deciding which university to attend, there are a few general things you may want to consider before researching more specific factors. These might include:

  • Whether you want to attend your local university or move way from home. If you choose to leave home, how far away do you want to be?
  • Does the university have all the facilities you require, such as a gym, outdoor sports grounds, car parking, etc?
  • How big is the university itself, and how many students attend? Would you prefer to go to a larger or smaller institution?
  • Where is the university located? Do you want to go to a university in a big city or somewhere quieter? Remember that the cost of living will be higher in large cities, which may affect your budget significantly.
  • Based on your expected grades, is it likely you would get onto your course following a conditional offer from the university?