About SmartStudent

About SmartStudent

SmartStudent wants to help students from all educational levels with their tertiary journey, by offering advice on applying to university, information about universities, what to take to university, student housing, and much more!


Stellenbosch, birthplace of SmartStudent

SmartStudent.co.za was created by Schalk Burger in the beginning of 2010 to help future and current students with their academic journey, by offering advice and information on all aspects of tertiary education.

The idea of SmartStudent was quite a while in the making, but first started when Schalk was looking for information about time tables and the necessary forms for university, and couldn’t find it easily.

University websites are usually so convoluted with information that SmartStudent will aim to simplify access to all the relevant information on this website. We strive to be an education portal that is both useful and accessible.

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SmartStudent welcomes guest bloggers to write good, quality content for our blog.

You are welcome to email us at info@smartstudent.co.za or post content directly to us through MyBlogGuest.