10 ways on How Educators Can Improve Learning Through Technology

Technology has changed our lives for the better. It has helped make research, communication and entertainment a whole lot easier. But more than that, technology has also played a great role in the education arena. This is because technology in the classroom has made learning a whole lot better. Through technology, teachers can be able to improve classroom collaboration, improve student engagement and make learning fun and interactive.

If you are blessed enough to be one of those people who have an opportunity to mold the minds of the younger generation, you may be wondering on how you can improve student learning through technology. Here are 10 ways on how to do that:

1.)   Play video in a classroom.

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words so imagine how much your student can be able to learn through a video. If you cannot find the words to explain to your students what you want them to learn, a video can help to present the lesson in a much engaging and clearer way.

2.)   Use iPad’s to play educational games.

The conventional classroom setup can become boring for kids, especially with the short attention span that the kids today have. You can use iPads to teach children what they need to know about. Through these games, you can also promote classroom collaboration and cooperation.

3.)   Use social media to communicate with your students.

Since students are already embracing social media, you might as well take advantage of it. You can use social media to post discussion topics and encourage your students to react and respond to it to have a fruitful discussion.

4.)   Use blogs as platform for students to express their feelings and creativity.

You can assign homework to your students that will allow them to practice their creativity and love for writing in blogs. You should also encourage them to help each other out by posting suggestions at the comment section.

5.)   Allow them to listen to podcasts.

You can use podcasts to teach children who were absent during class hours. This is a much more interactive way of learning than just reading it in books.

6.)   Video conference with people who can teach a lot of things to your students.

Your students do not have to go outside the classroom just to find a mentor and learn from their experiences. You can invite people who are experts in different fields to a video conference with your students in the classroom.

7.)   Let them do collaborative exercises.

With the use of tablets, you can let students enjoy exercises which can promote collaboration and team work.

8.)   Evaluate students with the use of online education portfolios.

Online portfolios offer more advantages than the conventional paper based method as they cost less and offer a more robust outreach.

9.)   Use Google Docs to share materials to students.

You can use Google Docs to post homework assignments and share other educational documents to students.

10.) Create a private board on Pinterest for your class.

In this board, you can share photos of activities, projects, field trips and many more.

There is no denying it—technology can be valuable in the classroom. Follow the tips mentioned above and your students will surely learn a lot from you.

Princess Aileen Pablo is am education blogger from Home Tutor Singapore. When not working, she is busy traveling, taking photographs, and doing crafts. 

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