Important Things to Do a Night before Final Exam

Not everyone feels confident on the day of exams. You might have prepared for everything, but you get very nervous right before a paper. This uncertainty and nervousness once caused me to blank out right before an exam even though I knew every question in it. I was wrapped up in my own mind and unable to think straight. I could recall studying it, but I had simply forgotten even the most basic of formulae.

It was all due to the stress and the sheer exhaustion which caused this mishap. I had stayed up late the night before and ran late for the exam. Due to this, I ended up failing a course I was actually best at.

To help you avoid such mistakes, I’ve devised a list of tips you should look into, and the do’s and don’ts of activities right before an exam.

Starting your preparations early

You should always start preparing early for an exam. Students are notorious for leaving everything until the last moment. This causes you to take in extra stress and depression resulting from regret for not having covered everything before. But all is not yet lost.

In case, you do not have a proper study plan, refer to the notes you took in the class. It’s understandable that the most important content is what was discussed in the class, so properly prepare the topics that your lecturer handed out to you. The reviews and tests you took are also important.

Highlight keywords and important pointers of every topic. Subheadings and a topic name can also help you review the content. Don’t read everything, just go through the theme of the passage and you’ll be able to understand.

Making studies a bit more interesting

It might be strange to hear, but songs can actually aid you in your studies. They help relax the mood and tone out stress. Studies indicate that our memory works in a weird way; it’s so easy to remember old song lyrics rather than something new we learnt recently. Our brain looks for patterns and mechanisms for solving problems.

So why not create those similar patterns and puzzles in your material to make studying a bit more interesting?For example, a very famous math riddle is, “Some People Have Curly Brown Hair Till Painted Black.” What students do is memorize the initials and compare it with the mathematical formula for trigonometry to find the value of the missing initial. The S stands for sine, P for perpendicular, H for hypotenuse, C for cosine, B for Base, and T for Tangent.

You can also incorporate it with song lyrics. Replace the song lyrics with your study material and make it go with your favorite music, which would be easy for you to remember.

Being organized and well prepared

Prepare everything the night before, no matter how lazy you are. Right before sleeping, check that you have everything you need for the exam the next day. This includes your clothes ironed, your stationery, calculators or any other such gadgets you’re required to take with you.

Do not try to cram in any new material the next morning! If you really need to, just quickly go over the important highlights you made and the headings.

Once, I tried to study new material in the morning and did not revise the points I had already covered. Imagine my mortification when the paper landed in front of me and it did not contain even a single thing I had done in the morning. I ended up performing poorly on the questions I had actually prepared well for.

Don’t forget to set the alarm, and don’t marginalize every minute. You can never be too early for an exam, but even an extra minute late can seriously cause a negative impact on your performance.The stress alone would throttle it.

Sleep well the night before an exam. This is one mistake my parents have always tried to enforce on me and I ended up regretting it big time by not listening to them.

Even if you feel that you have not studied enough, nothing can be done now. You should at least preserve enough brain power to perform well on the topics you actually studied. Try not to let the pressure get to you. Don’t take additional stress of things beyond your control either.

Esperanza is a full-time blogger and part-time editor at a firm that offers dissertation writers assistance. When not blogging, she enjoys reading novels.

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