5 useful resources to study abroad

So you made a big decision and you want to take a huge step in your life and study abroad. Moving for a few months or years depending on how long are you going can be hard and you need to adjust to the idea of moving away from your family and friends. Now that you made a big decision, you need some usefully resources on what to do next.

Where have you decided to study, what are some mayor things that you need to know and take care of.

1. Go Abroad

One of the handiest and most useful resources that you will need if you decided to study abroad, Go Abroad will help you find programs on the subjects you want to study, it has over 17k programs that you can choose from. It comes with a handy tool that you can use to set: country, subject and time of the year that you want to go. If you decided to take the leap this is the first place that you need to visit.

2. Geo Blue Insurance

Next thing that you need to think of is your health insurance. You need to ask around and check if your health insurance covers the trip that you want to take. If not go over to Geo Blue Insurance and find additional information that you might need when taking care of your health insurance. This can become a very expensive item on your list so you need to find the one with most benefits and affordable rates.

3. Student Travel

This is a handy government website that will give you the most information you need on student travels. It will provide you with useful advices on what to do in emergency situations, closest embassies and travel documents. It will also provide tips for LGBT travelers and international laws that may apply in the country that you want to go in.

4. Students Abroad Handbook

This is where you will find all the information that you need, plan few months ahead and prepare for your new host country. Depending on where you decided to go there are certain things that you will need to know. This huge handbook will be all the information that you need.

5. Travel Alerts

Is a website that gives latest travel warnings on each country in the world, anywhere from weather warnings to some government issues, upcoming elections, places that you need to see or stay away from this travel alert will provide pay close attention and warnings on this website.

This is in a nutshell all the information that you will need to have and things to prepare when travelling to basically any country in the world. Depending on the country that you are leaving from you will of course need some things to arrange first but regarding things that you need to know this is in basically all you need to know. When choosing where to go, don’t rely too much of a public media as truth is a lot different. There are places in the world that are very beautiful but most people avoid them because they heard something bad about it. Be open minded wherever you go and you will have a great time studying abroad.

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