Why Your Phone Could Be the Key to an A+

Ah, the humble mobile phone! If you’re using it properly, it should be so much more to you than a means of keeping in touch with your friends, or sending daft photos via Snapchat. Did you know that you actually have a personal organiser, time-keeper and study buddy – all rolled into one – in your pocket?!

Your phone can be many things to you. From a motivator in or out of the gym to a portable games console, these days mobiles can do everything but make you a cup of tea. And yes, that’s right, they can even help you ace those exams! Don’t believe us? Read on…

Struggling to See the Board in Class?

While we don’t advise that you simply use an app on your phone in place of getting your eyes tested, who knew mobile phone technology was so sophisticated it can actually help you take down notes?  That’s right; apps are so clever these days that they’ve evolved to help us with anything but sit the exam itself.

Voice recording apps will ensure every well-chosen word from the mouth of your teacher, tutor or lecturer is saved via your phone ready to play back later and digest in your own time. This is ideal if you struggle to retain facts while under pressure or simply want to ensure everything you’ve learned has fully ‘gone in’. 

More than that, though, apps help ensure you don’t feel as isolated when you’re stuck in your room of an evening doing a spot of revision. If you’re umming and ahhing over an answer, or finding it difficult to grasp the key themes of that novel, you can simply connect with fellow students via a whole host of apps designed to ensure you get the most out of your time studying. From virtual study buddies to online tutors, you’ll find everything you need via special-created apps guides.

Not an Early Riser? Don’t Panic!

Perhaps you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and need a helpful nudge? If your parents aren’t around it’s time to get your downloading finger at the ready and install some of the Internet’s very best exam-focused alarm clock apps. One of them is designed to ensure you get out of bed by making you photograph an item outside of your bed (the bathroom sink, for example) before it stops bleeping, while another will pose a maths question to answer.

Need Some Help When it Comes to Organisation?

Procrastinators, be warned – there’s an app with your name all over it. From mobile phone apps to help you plan your revision timetable by day or week, to apps that will remind you when you have lectures and (helpfully) put your phone on silent for you at the times you input, you’ll never be disorganised again.

Apps aside, you can make the most of the Internet in general in all sorts of ways. From tips to help you combat nerves, to advice on the easiest ways to get to sleep if you need a good eight hours before an exam, you’ll find everything you’re looking for ahead of an important test.

Of course, while the apps are ready and waiting to be downloaded, they won’t do everything for you. They’re designed in such a way to make revision easy – and almost effortless in some cases – but they also require a little cooperation on your part.

Start by downloading one or two and seeing which work for you before filling up your phone with the best of the best. It won’t be long before online apps are organising your life for you – and ensuring you’re one step closer to that A grade!

Author: SmartStudent

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