Take Charge Of This Years Valentine’s Day

In the United States it has long been on the shoulders of men to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration, but that trend is changing and more and more women are taking the initiative to plan their own celebration. If you take charge of the Valentine’;s Day arrangements this year you can show your special man just how much he means to you and let him know that you are thinking about what he wants and what he likes to do. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while you are putting together the Valentine’s Day events for the two of you.

More Than Just Sex

Listening to popular culture and most of the women’s magazines on the shelf at the grocery store, you probably think that all your man really wants for Valentine’s Day is sex. Though sex is part of what many men want, that should never be the sole purpose of your Valentine’s Day activities, or the only thing that the two of you do that night. If all you do is purchase some lingerie and give him a passionate night of sex your man may start to feel underappreciated and that you are not willing to put as much into the relationship as you expect out of him.nbsp; When you take the time to actually plan an activity, that then culminates in passionate sex, your partner knows that you were thinking about him and that you spent time and energy putting together an evening that he would enjoy from start to finish.nbsp; A night of just sex is lazy, and your partner knows it; how would you feel in the same situation?

But Be Sexy

Men tend to be a visual creatures, and when you dress up in clothing that highlights your best physical features it can help to remind him about why he is attracted to you. During the course of the year there are not that many nights when you have to dress up in a sexy dress, do your hair or put on makeup, and the drudges of every day life can sap some of the passion out of the relationship When you try to look as sexy as you can for him not only are you triggering his visual attraction, but you are also showing him that you find him attractive as well. You want to look your best for him because he means so much to you, and that can be a huge boost to a man’s confidence. Even if your man’s perfect night is staying home and watching a movie on Valentine’s Day there are still plenty of ways to be sexy for him that night.

Avoid Things That Are Really Girly

Many of the Valentine’s Day events that happen in the area are geared towards women and as such they have a very feminine feel, but that is not what you are going for if you are planning a night for your man. Things like concerts and candlelit dinners might be high on your list; however, most men will want something that has a lot more action. One of the best events in Dallas is the Valentine’s Day Massacre put on by Murder Mystery Texas. It is an evening that includes a gourmet dinner, drinks, dancing and an interactive murder mystery for guests to solve. This lets your man be up and moving around for the whole night, and the mystery puzzle will help to keep his mind engaged the whole night. Other events, like some of the masquerade balls, give a similar change of pace, but they lack the puzzle aspect that Murder Mystery Texas provides.

As culture changes and women become equal partners in relationships they are expected to take a greater role in maintaining the relationship. Planning Valentine’s Day celebrations for the two of you is a good step in becoming more active in the relationship and it will go a long way to show your man just how much he means to you. I am Yvonne Johnson and I have been married eleven years. Last year I planned Valentine’s Day for my husband for the very first time, and at the end of the night he told me that he never felt more loved than he did after seeing how much time I spent planning the night for him. I wrote this to help other women experience the same feeling.

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