15 College Writing Tools For A+ Papers

As college students can attest to, writing a paper for any class can be a daunting task. Students know that their grades are based on their performance, and achieving an A+ on an essay increases the GPA. Students strive for inspiration and perfection in their work. It can be difficult to come up with ideas and content for an interesting paper. Effective time management and organization is a must in order to write a successful piece. Handwritten references and bibliographies waste time and efficiency and may be lost among the shuffle of paperwork.

The Internet provides a wealth of helpful and valuable information all at the touch of fingers on the keypad.  As the saying goes, “With great knowledge, comes great responsibility.” This is true when utilizing information on line to write a well-crafted, original college paper. It is very easy for a student to unintentionally plagiarize copy written content. It is crucial both by law and by grade to ensure this doesn’t occur. The tools below are helpful for all college students looking to submit their best work. The tools assist with ideas, productivity, organization, reference management and plagiarism avoidance.

Idea Generators

Brainstormer – this app is available for download on iTunes for $1.99. It is easy to use. It generates ideas for topics, character development, word choice and editing features.

Bubbl – uses “mind-map “technology to organize thoughts and ideas. The ideas are saved in colorful bubbles and allow sharing amongst peers. Cost varies from $6-59.00/year depending on package choice.

Button Talk – a free service through MAC desktop only. This is a tool for fictional work. It assists with composition and ideas.


Camscanner – organizes, stores, shares and saves all documents across multiple devices. This may be purchased for $4.99-49.99 depending on degree of services the writer requires.

Delicious – think hyperlinks. This free tool organizes and stores all links needed for future reference requirements.

EndNote – student pricing available. This allows the writer to search on-line databases for content and reference material. It also organizes and stores research articles.


Autocrit – this is a self-editing tool for papers. It provides instant private feedback to improve work. It costs $5-12.00 per month depending on usage.

Essaymama.com – is a complete writing service. Students put their work and requirements into the system and pay for the job. Price varies on word count. Experts in various fields provide application essays, editing, proofreading and grammatical corrections. All work is original and 100% guaranteed. Read review here.

Dragon Dictation – this app allows the student to voice record ideas, lists, deadlines and other information. It also allows the spoken content to be copy and pasted into a document with ease.

Dropbox – this free service allows users to work on any paper across any device at anytime. Users may share photos, content and images immediately.

Google Docs – includes spreadsheets, forms for presentations, stores and organizes documents and allows sharing of information between users.


Help.PlagTracker – this site fixes spelling and grammatical errors. For a free trial, writers may put their paper into the system to ensure all the work is 100% original. For frequent writers, the charge is $7.49 per month for unlimited use.

You Quote It, You Note It! – offered as a free service thorough the library at Acadia University. Students may view videos about plagiarism and how to properly cite work to avoid violations of copy write.


Bib Me – this a big time saver for students. This tool automatically puts references into the required format. It supports APA, Chicago, Harvard and MLA styles.

Easy Bib – organizes bibliography content into the correct format required for the paper. It includes APA, Harvard and other styles but allows for correct citations of music, videos and artwork. The cost is $4.99 per month or 19.99 per year.

College is challenging. Balancing life, work and class assignments requires skill, organization and a plan for success. Writing papers for class doesn’t have to be such a painful process. The tools above are at your disposal to create and submit a high quality, well-organized, original essay. You are on your way to an A+!

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