Out of College into the real world for newbies

November may sound like too early in the school year to be thinking about where you’ll go to take a job after graduation. However, Dan Schawbel, the founder of Millennial Branding (a leading research and consulting firm that focuses on Millennials or Generation Y, aged 18-29) believes that students need to focus on their future as early as now.  In truth, students should take action as early as high school, if they want to map out a promising track to get their desired job straight after college graduation.

Here’s an advice for students.

Get internship straightway

It’s never too early to start looking for internship. According to a new survey, students know that internships are valuable, but still, they are failing to land them. The best internships to get early on being with businesses or companies that have wide industry presence. Even if you’re working, let’s say at Nike as an encoder. This experience will let you have better potential to land a good job than if you had interned at a startup business.

Create a LinkedIn account

You should start building your professional information as early as now. Even if your profile will look just like a bare-bones list of where you had extra-curricular activities, clubs, including awards, your skills, and a summary of the career that you want, it’s a good idea to create this early. Include jobs that you’ve held, like working at a local restaurant as a cashier or encoder; they show you’re ingenious and have shouldered obligation. As you grow and amass more work experience, you can remove your early jobs and enhance your profile.

Establish a presence on WordPress or create your own blog

A recent survey showed that only one in nine students use WordPress, which is the best way (personally speaking) to put together a personal blog. You may also own domain name through hosting service like iiNet.com.au. What should you blog about? Your call! It depends upon what career path you want to pursue, or the course you are into right now. You might be studying to become an accountant or are on your way to get a diploma of education – blog about it and you’ll notice that write-ups that are more personal gain more followers.

Utilize your school’s career service office

You might not know it, but only 29 percent of students actually use their college’s career office. Oftentimes, the office will connect you with an alum who currently works in your field of interest and assist you with finding your first job. Career office will also help you create better resume and cover letter as well as give tips on job interview.

Join an industry-specific group

Based on a study, only 22 percent of students belong to industry-related group. This is an untapped resource that you can leverage. Many schools have college or university equivalent of big professional groups in the form of clubs or organizations. Check them out!

That’s it. The above recommendations are solid foundation for creating success after college. My last advice is, “the longer you wait, the worse off you can be”, so do yourself a favor and start tackling these issues now.

Author: SmartStudent

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