7 Most Useful Math Apps for College Students

Social media has progressed to such an extent that now there is no shortage of online apps, websites and tools. To this day, college students have no issue in hunting for an app that can help them with their studies, including math.

However, because there is a heavy influx in the market, students cannot decide on which on the one app, which is the most reliable. Fortunately, that is why the online stores of both Apple and Android rank the best ones based on customer reviews.

To see which math app is right for your taking, we have listed some of them down below:

 1. Mathway

 The fact that this app works without the assistance of online access, Mathway is probably the go-to tool for every college student who can’t tell one number from the other. It is also built to assist teachers and parents who may get to tutor their wards on difficult problems and equations.

Mathway helps students solve problems in algebra, trigonometry and chemistry among so many others. The interface is simple as it lets you solve problems in a step-by-step procedure.

2. Free Graphing Calculator

What you have before you, is quite frankly, the “most powerful graphing calculator”. And the most amazing part about it is that it is absolutely free. The name may come off as generic, but you’ll become accustomed to it once you use it.

It consists of all the capabilities and features of paid and free calculators all wrapped in the single package. It is a scientific calculator, a unit converter and has profound graphing functions. It even contains the constants for scientific calculations like the speed of light and the strength of gravity.

3. My Script Calculator – Handwriting calculator

No you didn’t read that wrong – it is a handwriting calculator and it comes with the best price of all; free. It’s simple and easy to grasp where you can just write a math problem on screen and allow the MyScript technology to compute the answers for you.

It has an undo function and will let you copy your answers to a clipboard or export them to other apps.

4. Brain Tuner X

This fun looking app may be one for the kiddies, but if you gave it a try, you’ll see that it’s more than that. Brain Tuner X is a special math game that is made for every generation. Not only is it a great mental booster to help you juggle your numbers better, but it is also fun.

5. iMathematics Pro

If we told you that you shouldn’t take iMathematics Pro as your mathematics teacher for the next paper, we’d be lying. We also don’t fib about the fact that this app is presently being used by over million students. iMathematics Pro easily helps repeat formulas, definitions and theorems for your sake.

It even helps you select one of 70 math topics that relate to your grade. It also comes equipped with a state-of-the-art advanced calculator, equations solver and fraction approximator.

6. 180-in-1 Math Calculator

The reason behind the name of this app is that it solves over 180 kinds of math problems, including geometry, algebra and statistics. In order to save yourself the trouble of having to look up the solver over and over, just add it to your favorites.

7. Quick Graph

Congratulations! You happened to be presence of arguably the best graphic calculator on the AppStore. This is no hyperbole, as the app consists of multiple functions from equation plotting, 2D-3D tracing, implicit graphs and more.

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