Are You Doing Everything Correct in Your Job Search Process?

Today, when you do most of your things by just clicking the mouse’s button, finding a job also clearly makes sense. Since applying by just a click of the mouse is such a simple task, imagine the amount of resumes that the employer would get each day. Practically it is impossible to screen each resume through a human hand and hence technology plays it role and you never get a call back. Hence, just simply applying does not end your job search process. Here is a list of certain things that you might be doing wrong in your job search process.

Flooded applications and unqualified applicants led to the start of keyword piping algorithms that screened out 90% of the resumes. Now you understand why you never get a call back from an employer that definitely matched your qualifications and experiences. So if you think that you are doing everything right in your job search and still not getting a call, here is what you need to check before your next job application.

Many of the job seekers are stuck to the past and find it difficult to change according to the future. That is the major mistake that one is making. If you are pursuing your job search according to nineties, then you not getting a call needs no more reason.

Start With Updating Your Resume

Your marketing document needs a revamp to match the competition that is present in the market. Yes, your resume that lists your education, certifications and work experience needs a touch of personalization before you apply to any job in the future. You need to get rid of zombie phrases like “meets expectations”, “is hardworking” etc. Rather use a story to convey your expertise. Today, you can even use a human voice in your resume or rather make a visual resume for organizations willing to view them.

Change your Job Search Process

Still lobbing into Black Hole Recruiting Systems? Then you are likely to remain unemployed for a longer period of time than you expected. Try finding your specific hiring manager and approach him/her with a cover letter and human voiced resume. It is going to work any day better than just hitting the apply button. Also, try keeping yourself updated with every job opening in your field. You could create job alerts for the same.

Give Your Branding a Make-Over

Does your LinkedIn account has lines like Business Professional with 5 years of experience? If so, then it is time that you need to work on your online presence as well. Being a business professional will give you any gain. Recruiters do not want to find a business professional, they either want an IT person, a marketing person or a HR. Similarly, you need to be specific in what you are looking for.

Design an Exciting Pitch

Most of the career advices section say sell yourself to the recruiter. But what you also need to know is how? You can either sell yourself as a product or list down a number of skills that you have. That is conventional, but today no one is interested. Instead sell yourself through a story of your learnings and achievements. Stories carry a lot more weight that a normal selling pitch would do.

Be open to any Opportunity

Sticking to a full-time job that gives you security is no wrong, but it definitely closes your doors to make more money. Just remember that weather you are being paid by someone or if you are paying someone, in either case you act as an entrepreneur. Just fix this in your mind that no job is secure and no job is permanent.

In Conclusion

You have to be patient enough to all through the process. Some of the organizations take time to respond and then further make you drag a long time before coming to a conclusion. You have to deal with it. So when entering the phase of job search, prepare yourself with ample amount of patience. It all sums up here that hiring managers have a huge lot to go through and are usually busy and occupied. If you in case start getting impatient, it is always OK to make a follow-up call or send an e-mail asking for your confusion.

Make strong connections and try fixing up an interview for yourself through these connections.

Good luck for your job search!

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