Top 5 Apps for New Business Owners

Owning a business isn’t a 9 to 5 job. Owning a business means making sure that your company is running smoothly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. New business owners especially will have to put in a lot of groundwork and time in order to begin to make a profit at the business.

You can first get your business education with help from Once you are prepared to start a business you can hit the ground running. If you want to streamline your success and make it easier to run your company, there are some applications that you should consider in order to make it easier. Here are five applications that you can download in order to help run your business.


If you have a team, or if you are a team of owners running a business, you will all need the ability to communicate about projects. Basecamp allows for group membership to meet and create milestones, speak with one another through the application, and plan out business needs. With the use of Basecamp, you can eliminate the need for group emails, reply all, and slow communication. In Basecamp all projects and goals are clear as day.


Finances make the world go round, especially in business. Keeping track of the finances is paramount to keeping the business open. As a new business owner, it is likely that your resources are finite. For this reason you need to manage and budget every penny. The mint application allows for you to keep all of your bank, credit card, and loan information in one place. You can see exactly what transactions are made and keep track of the business money and your personal money via mint.


Signing documents on the go will become the norm for most business owners. Instead of formal signing of documents within businesses, most documents are now sent via mail or email. DocuSign will allow you to upload documents and place your signature on the document. The information can be forwarded to the business with your information in place.


If you do not yet have a business bank account, you can easily open a business PayPal account. PayPal allows you to send money, make sales, and accept cash via credit card. Along with PayPal, order the PayPal card reader for in person credit card sales. Opening a PayPal account for a business is a quick and easy sign up process.

Trip It

Going on a personal trip can be a stressful time. Going on a business trip is even more stressful. Trip It keeps your travel itinerary together in one place. With this application you can pull up your boarding passes, see the exact times of departure and arrival, along with your hotel reservations, and even your restaurant reservations. If you want to stay on top of things at all times, but cannot afford to have a personal assistant or a mishap, Trip It will act as your personal travel assistant.

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