Redecorate your student digs the easy way

Home is known to be where the heart is. And oftentimes you can tell a lot about a person by their living space. From the colours that dress their walls to the textures that line the floor, it’s easy to gauges someone’s personality by how they decorate their nest.

For students however, the idea of home is transient. While many study at colleges and varsities close by, countless others take a bold step in search of a home of their choosing. These brave souls usually find themselves trading a bouncy double bed for a hand-me down-single, and sweat to create a snug, pleasant environment without running back to mum and dad.

Knowing that student accommodation rarely comes with extravagant interior design, we at TheRoomLink have a few ideas on how to make your bland res room, digs or commune flare with personality. We know that res halls can be restrictive and that your budget is tight, but thankfully creativity knows no bounds. Don’t settle for boring, transform your space today.

Second-hand furniture

Roomlink-second-hand-furtniturePawn shops are a great place to find functional furniture at a bargain. While res dorms come equipped with the essential desk, chair, bed, pin board and wardrobe, second-hand buys fulfil a functional and aesthetic purpose if you’re in private accommodation. They also provide an opportunity to reupholster items and make them fit your desire style. Jessica from the blog Fourgenerationsoneroof transformed this dull wingback chair with nothing more than staples, pins and some fabric. Follow her step by step video tutorial to get the job done right.

Wall collage

If re-painting the walls is out of the question, consider using your walls as a photo album. This require no heavy machinery, and takes very little time. All you need to do is collect a bunch of photos and paste them up. You could use a mixture of old photos, magazine clippings, printed quotes…anything really that’s meaningful to you. Arranging them in different shapes will also make them that much more unique.

These are beautiful example from (left to right, top to bottom) 1. Photowall 2.Laurawinslowphotography 4.Postal pix 3. Usefudiy


Do be careful not to use tape that could chip or damage the walls. You may be liable for any damages to property.


Light it up

Roomlink-light-it-upFairy lights liven up every room. They create a light, peaceful mood with little effort. Wrap them around your head-board, drape them behind curtains, are simply frame your door or mirror with them. Either way they’re guaranteed to add a spark.

These easy, quick and transformational tips will go a long way in making your student accommodation feel more like home. You’re bank balance won’t complain either. But, now that your home is sorted, why not what shake things up in the wardrobe department. We’ve collated some useful tips from students, employees and fashionistas on #StudenSA: dressing for success

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