8 Practical Tips For Introverts To Survive at Workplace

If you are an introvert, you might have listened to your family members complaining about how shy you are around guests and relatives all the time. You can easily avoid guests and lock yourself up in your room, but you cannot run away and hide from your colleagues at workplace.

Being an introvert, you must have experienced that it is never easy to handle over-friendly situations in personal and professional life. In order to cope up with difficult situations, consider the following tips to adjust better in office environment:

Learn To Socialize

Do not appreciate introversion. Also, do not find excuses to defend your habit. Getting socialized is not a bad thing. Remind yourself about the benefits of good social relations in office, and try not to avoid parties or group discussions held there. It will take some time to adjust in big gatherings like office staff, but you will get comfortable with them eventually.

Find Colleagues With Similar Interests

If you think your office is too noisy or crowded for you, look out for other individuals who hold the same opinion. Find out their interests, and learn how they cope up such situations in the office as introverts. You can ask for suggestions and advices suitable for you by discussing your problems with the colleagues.

Find A Quiet Corner For Yourself

If thing gets tough, find an escape plan for yourself. You can refresh your mind and avoid social interactions by taking some time off alone. You can use staircase, terrace, coffee room or an empty conference room to catch some breath. You can also go out for a walk outside of the office premises if you are allowed to do so.

Find The Right Kind Of Job

There are certain kinds of jobs that require less social interaction than others. For instance, an HR manager is required to carry out his duties through socialization, while an IT professional will not be required to socialize with clients at all. Being aware of your introvert nature, select a career that does not require much socialization so that you can work peacefully.

Work In Small Teams

If you are an introvert, you would find the situation more stressful if there are more people in your group. When you are leading a project in your office, try to work with small teams. Working with only a handful of people will make you feel more comfortable as compared to working with a team of 10-12 individuals.

Learn How To Interpret People’s Attitude Correctly

Introvert people are often more conscious of other people’s opinions and behaviour towards themselves. If it sounds like you, do not over think about the behavior of your colleagues. If you think anybody disliked your opinion in the meeting or somebody is angry with you, try to discuss the problem with them to sort out all the issues, instead of making assumptions on your own.

Practice To Vocalize Your Opinion In Meetings

It is not easy for introverts to get vocal during office meetings. But vocalizing your opinion and suggestions in front of your team members is highly beneficial for your career and office performance. You can practice in front of your mirror or in front of your family members to assess your expected performance in any meeting. A word of advice, do not get nervous about the attention you get for speaking up in any meeting or conference.

Use Social Networking Sites

Yes, using social networking sites to socialize in your office is also a great way to interact for introverts. Even if you are unsure about walking up to a colleague and saying hello in office, you can drop a ‘hello’ message or comment on their activity on their social profile to start a conversation.

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