20 Weight Loss Tips for College Students

Everyone is warned about the freshman 15 prior to entering college. Unfortunately, if that initial weight gain isn’t controlled, it will continue into your sophomore, junior and senior years–looking more like the college 50!

We’d hate to see that happen to you, so we’ve created this list of tips to help you lose weight—and keep it off.

Twenty Ways to Beat the Bulge

  1. First, realize you are going to mess up in regard to your weight loss journey. Don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t use it as an excuse to give up.
  2. Go to the gym. Your college probably has a free one for students.
  3. Post this motivating expression somewhere in your room: I must burn 3500 calories more than I consume in order to lose a pound!
  4. Wear a pedometer and use an online calorie counter.
  5. Keep a record of everything you eat in a food journal. This will really open your eyes to your daily caloric intake.
  6. Write down your weight loss goals in your new journal. Record your victories and defeats.
  7. Pick a weigh-in time and use it consistently, whether it be a daily check or a weekly one.
  8. Get more sleep than you think you need. College can be stressful and stress will add on the pounds. Sleep!
  9. Stay hydrated. Water is necessary for life. If you don’t like it plain, try the flavored kind or use water enhancers.
  10. If you’re desirous of juice, make sure it’s only the 100% kind. Pineapple, orange and grapefruit juices are healthier than the pear, grape or apple varieties.
  11. Seriously limit your alcohol consumption. Playing beer pong and flip cup can encourage you to drink more than you realize. Five beers can add up to 800 calories and five shots equal 1000!
  12. Stay away from drive-thru windows (and the seating inside as well). Fast food is never good and it certainly isn’t fast coming off!
  13. Vending machines are not your friend, stay away from things in bags and cartons. Candy bars are not sustenance.
  14. Stay away from the ice cream bar, even if it’s offering frozen yogurt. And definitely avoid the toppings.
  15. Use a small plate, not the cafeteria tray, when getting a meal. Also, don’t go for seconds.
  16. Do eat breakfast–as much as it kills you to get up early enough to do so. It will get your metabolism going and prevent you from pigging out at lunch.
  17. Learn to understand real serving sizes not the Americanized ones you’re used to.
  18. Choose healthy snacks (and make sure they are available to you). Try: nuts, veggies and hummus, pretzels, rice cakes, edamame, frozen berries and grapes.
  19. Take a vitamin supplement. Several vitamins and nutrients actually make weight loss easier. A deficiency in any of these areas could make weight loss more difficult—or even lead to weight gain. Here is a list of the most beneficial vitamins for weight loss.
  20. Finally, don’t eat late at night, even when there’s an exam the next day and you think you’ll die of starvation as you stay up all night studying for it. Just wait until breakfast and start your day right.

 Get Good Grades and Stay Trim

It may seem wholly impossible to make it through college without adding the girth. However, if you’ll adhere to the weight loss advice we’ve imparted here, you’ll do better than most your compadres. It’s all about being aware of your consumption and staying active. If you can get that under control in your collegiate years you’ll be ahead of the game when you enter your career.

Use the comments section to let us know what you think about our suggestions, which ones work for you, and if you’ve anything to add.

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