Tips on How Not To Be a Victim of Depression in College

Many experts have linked depression mainly with stress. Although stress cannot be avoided since it is a part of our life, it is possible to reduce it to a great extent by using some helpful tips. Usually, students become the victim of depression when they get too busy with their academic life that they forget the importance of their personal or domestic life. Mostly, this happens when they are under the pressure of college assignments, assessments, reports, quizzes, etc.

They become stressed when they keep thinking of how to ace their grades when they have too much competition. They experience stress when they have too much debt to pay. Consequently, they experience depression when they think how they would cope with such a hectic life and the life beyond it.

Nevertheless, depression isn’t something that can’t be cured. In fact, one can easily parry it by considering the following practices (tips).

Ward Off Pessimism

Some people are borne optimists, while some pessimist. However, it doesn’t mean a pessimist can never be an optimist. By thinking positively, one can easily ward off the negative thoughts that not only put a person into the state of depression but also cloud his judgment. In fact, it is useless to keep recalling your problem that puts you in depression as if it can solve the problem instantly. Instead, keep calm and stay positive so that your mind may think clearly and come up with solutions that are realistic and effective.

Put Your Body into Work

When you get tired of your studies, stand up and stretch your body for a few minutes to keep your blood circulation uninterrupted.  Also, make a habit of going for a morning walk, as it keeps you energetic and fresh throughout the day. Another way to exercise your body is to play sports because it keeps your body active. Yoga is also a good way to avoid or even purge depression. People who play sports are less prone to stress or anxiety than those who don’t.

Sleep Like a Kitten

The main side-effect of depression is sleep deprivation which can lead to serious physical weaknesses as well as weak mental health. Moreover, sleep deprivation may also make you an addict to sleeping pills. Remember, sleeping is a natural process and you don’t need sleeping pills for that. Just follow the above tips and you will soon find yourself taking a sound sleep everyday like a kitty.

Enjoy Some Entertainment

Some students are not able to give their best because they don’t take gap between their continuous hours of studies. Whenever you feel tired of your work or studies, just divert your attention to somewhere else. Watch movies, listen to music or play games. It is better to play sports games rather than playing video games, as some physical exercises are also necessary after continuous mental work.

Eat Like a King

The best way to avoid depression is to intake healthy diet throughout the day. Try to take maximum intake of vegetables and fruits as these things will help you keep your mind and body fresh and energetic.

Take A Deep Breath

Whenever you feel depressed of your work, close your eyes, forget everything and take a deep breath. Relax your brain for some time and then get back to your work with a revitalized mind.

Don’t Be a Lone-wolf

It is better to study in group rather than studying alone because in the gathering of your friends you forget all your worries and problems and you are able to concentrate on your studies while enjoying a fantastic companionship. Whenever you stuck somewhere while studying alone, you get depressed because nobody is with you to help you with the problem. However, when your friends are with you, you never get to experience such depression.

Laugh Often

Laugh whenever you experience stress approaching your mind, because laughing controls the release of stress hormones in your body. Moreover, when you laugh, endorphins release in your body that makes you feel good.

Go For A Hangout

When you feel depressed, just plan for a hangout with your friends at a good place. Spending some time with them will reduce your state of anxiety and depression. Discuss your problem with them and ask if they can find you the solution.

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