What Items Should You Insure Before You Go To University?

515906041_13e5420322Starting university has to be one of the most (if not the most) exciting events in a young person’s life. The beckoning of a brand new start, new friends and a fantastic social life are all undoubtedly things to look forward to.

Yet all too often students to be fail to consider the practicalities of university. Sure they have a shock when it comes to their day to day diet and finances, but other occurrences can be far more detrimental.

A perfect example is being the victim of theft (or losing a vital personal item), and depending upon what items are stolen, can see your university life ground to a halt. So in this guide we tell you all about the items that you should be insuring before setting off for the best time of your life!

Your laptop and computing equipment

For any student their laptop and computing equipment are essential to undertaking their work, so it makes sense to insure them; particularly as replacing any computing equipment (be it a mouse or an entire computer) is out of the reach of most student’s budgets.

You should additionally remember to store all of your work in the cloud, as losing that vital memory stick (that has your tens of assignments on) can be nothing short of course ending.

Your phone and iPad

Keeping in touch with those back home is especially important when you’re facing a few tough times at university (which, of course, they’ll be a few). So insuring your methods of communication is vital if your’re not going to feel like a fish out of water when you’re feeling a little home sick.

Any specialist equipment

Your course may be particularly specialised, and you may be required to purchase expensive specialist equipment. In some instances these items will be insurable, so check online to see whether you can protect yourself (and the completion of your course) against loss, theft or damage to your specialist equipment. There’s plenty of cheap student insurance out there.

Your car

With all the hustle and bustle of newly found university life it can be all too easy to forget to insure your car. This can be a particular problem as reminders are sent to the home address, where you post may lay unopened until you return at half term.

Before you leave for university check when your renewal date is, and when it is time to renew be sure to use a few price comparison websites to see if you can get a better deal. After all, you’re a student now and yoursquo;ll be needing every penny you can hang onto!

Your home’s contents

Insuring your home’s contents can take care of practically every item on this list. Additionally however there are some all-important items that you may not have even considered when thinking about insurance: your text books!

Text books can range from a significant financial outlay to a practically bank-rupting cost. Depending on the course you’re taking, you’ll find yourself somewhere along this scale. For those taking subjects such as law, computing or medicine then ensuring that your text books are covered is vital, so be sure to list them under your contents insurance.

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