Improving Student Math Grades At Home: How To Evaluate Resources For Parents

The day may come when your child’s teacher tells you that your child is underperforming in match class. This is never good news to hear, and it can be the cause of panic for some parents who are not used to their children struggling in school.

It is important that you do not try to blame the child or blame the teacher, as some students just have a harder time learning some topics than others, and it may come to a point where your child is able to pick up the concepts with ease once again.

Until then, your child might need a little assistance to help them make it through the rough patches and you should look in to some third party programs to guide you. These key points will help you figure out which programs will work best for you and your child’s educational goals.


imagesThe worst thing that you can do is start a program only to find that it does not cover all of the information that your child needs to know.nbsp; If your child is struggling with basic math skills, you do not want to get a program that only covers addition and subtraction; you want one that will guide them through division and multiplication as well.

Your child will become comfortable with the system, and changing mid-stream will cause confusion and set their learning back several weeks.

Any program that you look in to should have a full list of topics that are covered, and if you have any questions about how much your child needs to learn for their current course, be sure to talk to the teacher.


Once you have found the comprehensive programs, it is time to sort through and find the ones that have an interactive element.

Your child probably has a hard time with the math not because he or she does not understand the concepts, but because your child gets bored and their mind starts to wander.

Teaching math, especially at the lowest levels, is very hard because the students learn in such different ways. What you want is a program that has some kind of visual representation of the concepts, as well as a good instructional component to make sure the points are driven home. Games are another great way to encourage interaction between the student and the instructor, so see if you can find programs that incorporate a fun gaming element.

Building To A Goa

Finally, the best programs are those that take a single concept and bring it forward from the most basic ideas to more complex concepts.

The reason that you want the concepts to be taught in a similar way is so your child will be able to recognize the similar traits among the concepts as they build their base of knowledge. This will help to instill confidence because they have already completed the previous tiers of math learning, and they will be more eager to go about tackling the next set of information.

Programs like Masteryed do all of these things and much more, and are some of the best tools that parents have to help their students become better at math. When you combine struggling students with overworked teachers, you have a recipe for disaster, and it will fall more and more to the parents to make sure their children do not fall through the cracks.

I am Megan Summers and I have been teaching math for seven years. When parents ask me about the programs they can use to help their kids in math these are the things that I tell them to look for.

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