Gap Year Travel Insurance For Students

The travel industry has recently undertaken research that has thrown up some surprising results that proved that there are still many people who travel abroad without taking out any kind of travel insurance.

A large portion of these travellers are aged between 18 and 25, which is the same age group that, more often than not, gets into trouble while away from home. It could be that these youngsters don’t understand the need for insurance or the benefits that it offers, or simply that they forgot about it, but these days, who with an ounce of common sense leaves home without it?

Parental Guidance

All too often, parents take their children to the airport and wave them off on their gap year adventure, a cheap and cheerful city break, or even a friend’s hen or stag party, assuming that, when they bought their tickets, they also bought their travel insurance. What a lot of these doting parents fail to realise is that, without appropriate insurance, they could end up being responsible for covering the cost if anything should happen while their children are away. They could end up being liable for medical bills, covering the cost of a new passport if one is stolen or lost, or claims for damages made against their children. Those travellers that choose not to buy insurance are generally those that assume that someone will pick up the pieces for them and make everything right—generally their embassy or consulate representatives—but this is just not so. Unfortunately, someone has to foot the bill and, in this case, it is generally the parents.

Young and Invincible

Many young people have a firm belief that nothing untoward will happen to them, but their parents, who are older and wiser, know that bad things happen to innocent people all the time. The next time your son or daughter tells you that they are going abroad with their friends or setting off for a backpacking adventure before starting university, make sure that they have the necessary insurance to cover all eventualities. If they are unwilling to buy it for themselves, buy it for them, as it is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the costs that could arise if they fell ill or had their passports stolen while they were away.

Maintaining Family Harmony

The last thing you want to do is go to the airport in a foul mood to pick up your angry and upset children who have cost you a fortune simply because they went overseas unprepared. No one likes negative feelings around the dinner table because it makes life at home unbearable.

Everyone treads on eggshells, trying to avoid accusations and arguments. So to make things simple and to keep the peace, purchase the travel insurance as a parting gift for your children before they go. At least you will have peace of mind while they are away and will be able to hold onto your savings for just that little bit longer.

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