What GCSE Language Should You Take

Choosing your GCSEs (and more importantly choosing the right ones) can be a pretty big thing; ensuring that you choose the right language for your skillset can be the difference between passing with flying colours and struggling along to scrape a pass.

And if you want to look at it from a purely lazy point of view, the language you choose can be the difference between insurmountable stress and an easier ride. So with all that in mind this guide aims to walk you through the process of choosing between the languages of French, Spanish and German.

The benefits of GCSE Spanish

Spanish can make for a wonderfully exciting GCSE; this language provides a challenge that is quite surmountable with a little work, which is made all the more enjoyable by the structure of the language.

To help you master this exciting language a Spanish tutor can help you from start to finish; for those with weaker skills they can help build from the most basic of bases, and for those that are more advanced, a Spanish tutor can help you achieve that all important A grade.

Spain makes for one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Europe and given the temperatures it offers as compared to many other European countries this is none so surprising. Additionally, if you want to be visiting Ibiza or Magaluf in years to come then this language will serve you well, and you may even be able to jump the queue in local bars with your helpful Spanish language skillset.

The upsides to GCSE German

Whilst many may regard German as the more difficult of GCSE languages to learn this rumour is somewhat ill founded. German is a language that can be easily mastered throughout a GCSE course, and once you’ve got the hang of the specific way it is spoken, and the unique sounds of certain words, you’ll be away in no time.

Like Spanish, learning German can open up a whole new world of culture and way of life. Visiting Germany really is an experience, and becoming accustomed to the efficiency and briskness of the German populous is a surprisingly enlightening encounter.

French: Learning the language of love at GCSE level

French makes for a popular choice for GCSE, however many people we teach at First Tutors find that German and Spanish provide a more engaging challenge. French may also be tempting given that it is generally the language that has been taught the longest, as schools begin to teach this subject during middle school.

Language GCSEs needn’t be an uphill struggle, they can be fun, exciting and engaging, and with the help of a tutor you can go beyond an average grade and perhaps even reach A grade level. A tutor will adapt their sessions to suit you, your skillset and ensure that yoursquo;re progressing as you should be.

Having one on one interaction can make a massive difference compared to the crowded class rooms of today, so book today and see for yourself just how engaging a tuition session can be.

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