7 Jobs For People Good With Their Hands

It very often seems that people are either one or another in a number of areas; you’re either practical or creative, a meticulous planner or a person that thrives on the unpredictable, and most certainly people are either good with their hands or useless with even a paintbrush.

For those that fall into the former category here are 7 great jobs that will be perfect for you.

7. Hair dresser

Hair dressing makes for a great job for those that are great with their hands, after all there is no more important a job than ensuring a customer gets there perfect hairstyle rather than something that resembles a birds nest.

The hair dressing industry is built upon skilled hands, and the industry awards for creative hairstyles is a perfect example of this in action.

6. Chef

Cheffing has become a more popular choice of career following the past decade of cooking shows and chefs that have made the profession undeniably cool. Fine food is the pinnacle for those that are good with their hands, and is an area of the food industry that is based largely around presentation.

5. Decorator

Decorating is a far more demanding job than most novice DIYers believe. From needing a rock steady grip of a paint brush that creates a perfectly straight line, to being able to hang wallpaper that is smooth and completely free from bubbles, this job is not for those that are anything less than a super talented, hands on person.

4. Artist

Being an artist certainly goes beyond needing someone who is great with their hands; in this profession you’ll also need plenty of creativeness, dedication and willingness to take up part time jobs whilst you wait for that super stardom as a world renowned artist.

3. Plumbing

Plumbing is one of the most demanding jobs/a around in terms of intricacy and having an understanding of what’s going on a macro and micro level. Being a plumber is perfect for those that have good hands-on skills, practicality and offers a career full of new challenges each and every day.

2. Builder

Few people are as entrusted with other’s safety as a builder; their services can be the difference between having a safe and beautiful home and a building that becomes unfit for use. As well as being skilled with your hands, you’ll also need to be relatively strong, have a qualified background knowledge of building concepts and be able to find creative solutions to practical situations.

1. Microelectronics engineer

Of all the careers listed here, microelectronics has to be the most demanding in terms of precision; this industry works with the smallest electronic devices in the world and even where you have tools to help, you’ll be working at scales so small that you’ll need a magnifying glass.

The job roles in this list are but a small start on the number of options you have if you’re good with your hands; you also have at your disposal the option of practically any trade in the world.

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