Top Tips For Your Continuing Professional Development

When it comes to the business world, there are always more skills that you could be learning. The industry and the market are constantly changing, and this means making sure that your abilities are always up to scratch. Take for example computers – they are always evolving, so everybody needs to go on regular courses in order to make sure that they can use them to their full potential. If you don’t make a commitment to improving your skills and abilities, then don’t be surprised if other people start to overtake you on your career ladder.

Top Tips For Your Continuing Professional Development

Employers really value workers who recognize their own knowledge gaps and act on them – so if you want to stay on top of your game, we’ve got some great suggestions for courses that you can attend. Read on for more information:

Time Management

Time Management

Time Management


There are always new skills that you can learn when it comes to time management – there is a lot to learn. We all lead very busy lives, and there are plenty of ways that we could maximize on the productivity of every single minute. Time management courses are brilliant for focusing your thoughts and making you figure out where you are wasting time. They will help you plan your time better, and they will also help you determine what deserves your time and what does not. It is a good idea to go on a time management course at least once a year in order to make yourself think about how you spend your time.

Assertiveness Courses

Standing up to people effectively is an art, and many people struggle with being assertive enough to handle situations in the right way. Either they find that they are too passive, and end up not getting what they want out of a situation, or they find that they are too aggressive and end up inflaming a situation to the point where no good can come of it. Learning how to be assertive is an ongoing life skill which everybody needs help with. It may be that you are assertive at home, but not in business – or vice versa – everybody has different areas where they could do with working on their assertiveness. There are plenty of assertiveness courses that are run in every town, and it’s well worth registering on one.

Project Management Course

From time to time you will be put in charge of managing a project and seeing it through to completion. This is a very specific skill that you can’t learn until you actually do it. However, you will really benefit from going on a project management course – they will give you loads of great ideas on how to manage a project and make it as successful as possible. You will learn all sorts of things, from managing people right through to setting and maintaining deadlines and implementing procedures.

It is really important that you never stop learning – this will give you the impetus to be more productive at work and use your newly found skills. Have a look online and see who is offering business skill courses near to you.

The author of this article is Dwayne Jones, an employee at Procept Consulting, providers of project risk management. Dwayne loves playing the guitar and is a huge Steve Vai fan.

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