Education Questions – Online Tutoring Vs. Traditional Tutoring

Tutoring is a great way to give children a better understanding of their subjects, prepare them for an exam or help them learn about something completely new.

With the arrival of the high speed internet connection and low cost hardware, online tutoring has become an increasingly popular option. However, though there are plenty of benefits to online tutoring there are also a number of reasons why it will never completely replace the person-to-person experience traditional tutoring offers.

Education Questions – Online Tutoring Vs. Traditional Tutoring

So, let’s take a look at the reasons tutoring in-person is here to stay.

Student Issues

A lot of tutors who have had experiences of both the online and also the in-person forms of tutoring will always say the latter allows them to get a far better grasp of their student’s needs.

Plenty of students have specific needs that just couldn’t be considered from behind a screen. Anxiety is one that’s often cited. As you can only see a person’s face, it’s often hard to know if they’re anxious when dealing with a stranger. Shaking legs or breathing issues can’t be often deciphered over a video connection. However, in person these are easy to see and a tutor worth their salt will deal with it and focus on putting the child at ease.


Children tend to love technology and online tutoring’s technology has a whole range of benefits that can help a student out. From interactive whiteboards to recorded lessons, learning online is fantastic. However, it also offers a whole host of distractions and children can easily focus on something else on-screen when they’re meant to be focusing on their educational needs. This can be hard for an online tutor to grasp and is something that may mean the student doesn’t get the full attention they need.


A lot of students we have heard of a that have received both online tutoring and tutoring in person find the relationship to be a lot different. Even though online tutoring allows for real time lessons and face to face contact, many people would still say that there is a barrier than isn’t there in one-to-one real person communication. This can help a student to stay focused and allows the tutor more control of the environment and scenarios as they arise. There is a certain relationship between a student and a teacher or tutor that many feel an online tutoring session can’t replicate.


Online tutoring can raise its own issues – many of which tend to be technological in fact. Problems with computers, web cameras, internet connections and software can often lead to problems and take up time from an online tutoring session.


Some lessons require hands-on learning and online tutoring just doesn’t facilitate that. Maths tutoring for example may be a lot more successful if there are hands on lessons where students can use specific resources. This can’t be achieved online. Others that benefit include science based and practical tutoring. This is something that can’t be achieved with online tutoring.

Face to face and person to person tutoring is a notable benefit and can provide a whole range of positives that online tutoring can’t. Although the online equivalent has its place and is very beneficial in a lot of cases, it doesn’t work in all scenarios.

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