Top 5 Common College Part-Time Jobs

Life as a student can be quite expensive. Even if you’re really roughening it, there is still rent to be paid and food, college books and other study material to be bought. Not to forget about social activities that involve spending money that you don’t want to miss out on since you are only a student once in your life. While it’s usually quite difficult to work full-time while you are in college, a part-time job might be all you need to be able to afford your daily expenses without having to go into too much student debt. Some part-time student jobs actually pay quite well, if you can find the right ones.

Top 5 Common College Part-Time Jobs

Below we’ve listed the five best common college part-time jobs there are so you know where to look when searching for a college job.

On Campus Jobs

Your college campus is a great place to find a part-time job. There are usually a lot of job opportunities on campus and as a student you’ll be given priority to be hired for them. Getting a job on campus is convenient because you won’t have to commute and you can work among your peers. Check with your college’s student employment office for information about current job opportunities for students.

Study Hall or Library monitor

A job as a study hall or library monitor is great if you are worried that you won’t have enough time for studying with a part-time job. You’ll have a lot of down time on these jobs that you can use to catch up on study material.

Campus Tour Guide

An other great job on campus is being a campus tour guide. If you’ve been studying at your college for a while, you’ll probably already know your way around quite well. As a campus tour guide you’ll be able to promote your university, giving campus tours to potential students. This is a great job if you love your university and have an outgoing personality.

Campus Technical Support

If you are tech savvy, a job in the tech support center of your college might be very interesting. You’ll be able to use your computer/tech skills to help out other people and during down time you can get some course work or studying done. Most campuses offer support at most hours of the day and days of the week so there are usually a lot of job opportunities in the support center.

Off Campus Jobs

Bar or Restaurant Work

If you prefer an off campus job, or the rates that are being paid on campus are not enough to support your spending habits, you may want to consider bar or restaurant work. While these often offer low base pay, they do give the opportunity to make a lot of money off tips, depending on the bar or restaurant.

Part-time Gigs or Freelancing in Your Field of Study

These days there is a lot of opportunity to get a part-time gig or do freelance work in your field of study. There are lots of online job boards where companies and people that need to have some programming, writing, social media or other work done post jobs on.

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