Coming Out Of Hibernation During The Winter At University

It is all too easy to shut yourself indoors during the winter and stay there until the weather gets warmer; but students shouldn’t hide themselves away, as they may miss out on some of their most enjoyable moments during the colder months.

Coming Out Of Hibernation During The Winter At University

Here are some tips on how to break the hibernating habit while at university.

Embrace the cold weather

Okay, so only a few people actually enjoy the feeling of numb fingers and cold noses, but if you can cope with the chill on your skin, it is worth embracing the cold weather and heading outside. There are some great things you can do in the outdoors as long as you are brave enough to pile on the layers and wrap up warm.

If it’s a perfect winter’s day and it has been snowing, you could head to the park with your friends on downtime from lectures and have lots of fun making snowmen or snow angels! When you enter the world of work, you might not have any ‘snow days’, so make the most of it while you can.

Get romantic on the ice rink

It isn’t just with your friends who you can enjoy the cold weather with, as it can be a great excuse to get romantic with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Going to an ice rink with your partner can be a hot date (excuse the pun!), as you can glide around the rink hand-in-hand.

What’s more, the cold weather can be a great excuse to cuddle up after you take your ice skates off and enjoy delicious hot drink of mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Warm up at pop-up bars

One of the great things about the winter is that cities typically transform with lots of markets, ice rinks and pop-up bars. It is definitely worth exploring your surroundings as it could look very different to what you’re used to, and you might find some new (albeit temporary) haunts to hit while the weather is cold.

If you attend a university in Manchester, for instance, you will be able to make the most of the North Pole Bar, which crops up in Cathedral Gardens every year. Designed to replicate a huge Alpine chalet, you can have lots of fun warming up by the fire here, as well as indulging in some scrumptious wintery drinks.

Nights out here are great for trying hot ciders and fruit drinks, while it is also a fun place to come during the daytime in between lectures where you can pick up a treat of cinnamon or gingerbread lattes.

Enjoy a movie out

The winter is all about snuggling up in the warmth at home and flicking on one of your favourite films as you cosy up on the sofa. But if this is starting to make you feel a little antisocial, you can still catch a great movie while catching up with friends by heading to the cinema.

Winter is an excellent season for the movie industry, with plenty of blockbuster flicks hitting the big screen. If you go before Oscar season, you may also have a great choice of nominated films to pick from.

Whether you go with friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll have a fab time munching on popcorn in the warmth while seeing something other than your student accommodation’s four walls.

Movie marathon

Of course, if you do decide to stay indoors and watch a film, try and make it as sociable an event as possible. Invite lots of your friends over for a movie marathon so you can spend as much time chatting with your pals as you do watching the films!

Order some takeaway and get your friends to bring some drinks around, and you can have a mini party without having to get dressed up or braving the cold. A perfect solution for everyone!

There are plenty of things you can do during the colder months, so there’s no excuse to stay indoors and hibernate until the spring. Enjoy your snow days, delicious hot food and drink, and the different activities you can do while it’s cold and dark outside. Once the sun breaks through the darkness, I guarantee you’ll miss these special wintery occasions!

Natasha Al-Atassi is a student blogger and writer for student accommodation investment brand Select Student Properties, reporting the latest news and trends about going to university in the UK and the worldwide property market.

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