PMI’s Top 5 Certifications For Business Students And Professionals

Project management Institute’s certifications are considered the standard of excellence where business certifications are concerned. PMI’s certifications provide quality and recognized business and management credentials so that individuals can advance their skills and gain certification for their sharp business skills and abilities.

PMI is currently offering five management certifications which are acknowledged globally. These certifications are worth earning for individuals associated with IT, management, retail, and business studies. Employers around the world prefer PMI certifications because it gives them a clear evaluation of an expert’s business and management abilities.

PMI’s Top 5 Certifications For Business Students And Professionals

The PMI certificate holders depict their credibility and professionalism which eventually result in top tier wages, enhanced career prospects and better opportunities for job.

Project Management Institute’s 5 leading management certifications which are highly valuable for business students and executives are as follows:

PMP or Project Management Professional Certification

The PMP certification is designed for project managers who are able to supervise staff and teams to complete projects within the given time and financial resources. This certification is ideal for individuals holding an MBA degree or those who have a passion in business and management industry. This certification validates an individual’s skill to lead and direct teams to deliver projects in the given schedule.

CAPM Or Certified Associate Of Project Management

Certified associate of project management is ideal for members working in a project group. This certification validates the knowledge about project management process and related terminologies. Individuals who have just begun their career in project management and want to earn the PMP credential should get this certification to verify their existing management skills. CAPM can also be earned by employees who are working as subject matter expert in a project management team.

PgMP Or Program Management Professional

The PgMP certification verifies the abilities of a professional for overseeing more than one project which are usually aligned with the company’s strategy. This certification is designed for managers involved in managing challenging and complex programs which generally involve more two or more organizations, cultures, and geographical locations. Individuals who earn this certification demonstrate their skills to effectively negotiate, resolve conflicts, lead teams, create awareness about different cultures, and to communicate effectively with group members.

PMI-SP or Project Management Institute’s Scheduling Professional

This certification validates the skills of an individual to create and maintain project schedules at an advanced level. This certification is ideal for those involved in effective scheduling of projects and programs.

PMI-RMP Or Project Management Institute’;s Risk Management Professional

32943The PMI RMP certification is designed for verifying skills to identify and assess risks involved in a project and to minimize those risks. This certification is designed for members in a project management team who are involved in assessing and minimizing risks to reduce extra costs and time to deliver project within the given financial resources duration.

Each of these five certifications is valid for a period of 3 years, you can find more information about these certification programs from Selftest Training.

To maintain the credential, individuals should a particular number of PDUs by participating in lectures and various related activities.

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