6 Quick Cash Ideas For College Students

As a college student, to be broke is a typical fact of life in most cases. Many students simply don’t have the time to juggle school and a job, while others are unable to work the kind of hours needed in order to provide a comfortable income.

6 Quick Cash Ideas For College Students

Below are a few ideas for quick cash which should help you get together enough money to last through the semester.

1. Volunteer as a Study Participant

Obviously, colleges are epicenters of research of all kinds. One thing which researchers need in order to carry out their study is a subject.

You can ask your professor or an academic advisor if they might be able to supply you with some contacts, or you can ask the administrators of another department such as psychology or sociology. Also keep an eye on the school’s bulletin boards, as people conducting studies might already be looking for you and just waiting for your call.

If nothing turns up at the moment, consider Googling ldquo;paid medical studies in (your city). You might have better luck if you’re willing to step off campus as there may be a medical or cosmetic company in the area looking for people to test new products.

2. Donate Plasma

While donating plasma might seem a bit sketchy at first, it’s really not a bad thing. Plasma donation is a classic fast cash method for broke students.

Unlike blood, which requires a longer recoup period between donations, you can donate plasma multiple times a week. For each donation, you will be compensated (usually around $25 per visit).

Also, even though you’re getting paid for it, don’t overlook the fact that donating plasma is actually a noble act which can potentially save someone’s life.

Helping people and getting paid: what’s not to love?

3. Live Performance

If you’re a musician, there is always a bar or restaurant looking for a live performer a few nights a week. If you can dust off 90 minutes worth of cover songs with widespread appeal, it shouldn’t be too hard to find an opportunity. You might even get a free meal and a couple of drinks out it as well.

Even if you are unable to find a bar or restaurant willing to give you a shot, you can always consider busking (street performing). Good street performers can oftentimes take in as much as $100 in just a couple of hours.

4. Tutoring

If you have a particular mastery of a certain subject, offer your expertise to your fellow students.

Check with the student services center. There are typically opportunities for tutors in just about every subject you can imagine.

5. Conversing for Cash

Most colleges have a large body of international students for whom English is a second language. By offering your services as a conversation partner, you can be paid well for simply meeting up with a fellow student a couple of times a week for an hour or so and holding a conversation.

Not only will you be getting paid, but you will be helping your classmates adapt to their new environment.

6. Selling Your Crafts

If you’re particularly crafty and have an eye for design, selling your handmade creations on Etsy can provide an excellent income.

This same principle can be applied to more creative projects as well. For example, with just a few pieces of wood, some bean bags and simple tools, you can assemble game boards for the popular activity known as cornhole.nbsp; Slap on an official cornhole decal (like this) of your school’s mascot and your classmates will be practically eating out of your hand!

Opportunities to make fast money are everywhere, you just have to look!

Jesse Miller is a perpetually broke college student. He has tried nearly all of the above moneymaking schemes. Most were quite successful. Tutoring wasn’t a big hit; Jesse doesn’t like doing his own homework so helping someone else was out of the question!

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