3 Offices Where Everybody Should Apply For A Job

If asked to compile a list of jobs we would like, it is unlikely that our first choice would be working in an office; in fact, it would normally come well down any possible list.

However, if you think that all office work is dull and boring, perhaps you should think again and have a look at the offices written about below. These TV series offices represent a cross section seen on television, and are 3 offices that I personally would love to work in.

3 Offices Where Everybody Should Apply For A Job

From edgy comedy in Milton Keynes to the offices of the Whitehouse, I’m sure that many of you would love to work in them.

The West Wing

Are all office work dull & boring?

Are all office work dull & boring?

This TV series is set in the Whitehouse, more specifically the west wing of the Whitehouse. If you want to work in an office and have responsibly and pressure, then you should be applying for a job here. Week after week crises are resolved, and personal issues become worse. The main characters bustle about from meeting to meeting, usually with an entourage of co-workers, trying to look important but actually looking stressed. Everything here is urgent and everybody is under pressure. How a country the size of The States can be managed in such a fashion is beyond reasoning. But then again, perhaps the reality is not quite as bad as the fiction; we all have our fingers crossed.

The Office

There are 2 versions of this show, one from the UK and one from The States, and to me the original show from the UK is by far the best. Though the American version is funny and entertaining, the UK version has qualities that give it the greater edge. David Brent in the UK version is comic writing genius, and his charactermakes you want to cry as often as he makes you want to laugh. His attempts to be cool and one of the gang usually show us the sad lonely person he really is, and we can see that he is trying to fill his life with meaning. The rest of office staff at Wernham Hoggis also excellently written, and the actors give them a life that lesser actors would have found difficult.


If you wouldn’t fancy a chance of working for the Miller/Gold agency, you probably want to be an accountant in Siberia. Being able to rub shoulders with the rich and famous is always a selling point for a job, and you would be able to do that every day in a position at this firm. Good pay, a great location, and characters everywhere you look, I for one can see no downside. Obviously there is another reason this would be a top office to work for; can you imagine what the office parties must be like?

These three TV shows give us three different reasons to work in an office, and show us that not all office life is tedious. Characters like those in TV shows exist in real life, as do the kinds of offices they work in. So look at office work in a new light, and perhaps your list of occupations will change.

The author of this post is Jenny Wadlow, works for a reputed office furniture provider  . She likes to indulge in yoga and pilates to stay fit. You can get in touch with her @JennyWadlow.

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