Geek Out: Nerdiest Law Schools In America

For most students, getting on the Dean’s List for the semester is enough reason to celebrate. The rigorous course load that accompanies most universities settings is a different world when compared with high school, and maintaining a 3.0 GPA is a common goal for most students. However, if you’re planning on furthering your education beyond graduation day, you will need to aim for more than just a 3.0 to get you in the door. And if you want to go to law school at one of the top programs in the nation?

Well, you’ll need a nearly perfect resume and transcript if you want serious consideration from admissions.

Geek Out: Nerdiest Law Schools In America

Below is a list of the top five nerdiest law schools in America.

#5 Columbia University School of Law

"Be brief, be pointed, let your matter stand"

“Be brief, be pointed, let your matter stand”

When you graduate from a law school like Columbia University’s, it’s perfectly acceptable to expect a job immediately after graduation. Why? Because the stats show that almost 99 percent of its students do! Located in the hussle and bussle of New York City, the private institution offers eight concentrations and an option for a joint-degree program.

About 96 percent of Columbia law students pass the bar exam on first try, which sits about 21 percent higher than the national average! You think you may want to go here? Well, hopefully your GPA is well above decent. The average undergraduate GPA for incoming students here was 3.75. This means generally making all As in college, with room for only one or two Bs.

#4 University of Chicago School of Law

If you’re hoping to attend law school, you’re likely comfortable scoring around a 160 on the LSAT you took last summer. But to attend the University of Chicago? You’ll need to be somewhere in the 98th percentile, scoring about a 170 to be strongly considered by the admissions committee. The GPAs for incoming students aren’t too diverse; a seemingly high 3.7 ranks in the 25th percentile for the group, with a 3.94 taking only the 75th percentile. It can be assumed that about a quarter of nbsp;these students earn a 4.0 at prestigious schools across the country.

#3 Stanford Law School

With less than 10 percent of applicants accepted at Stanford, top three program is considered the ldquo;Ivy of the West.rdquo; This California powerhouse allocates most of its graduates to California, New York and DC, some of the best areas to launch a legal career. This may be because the school boasts a median GPA for incoming students of 3.88, 95 percent of graduates securing a job and a median LSAT score of 170. These students are some of the best and brightest in the nation, so it only makes sense that they land some of the best positions out there.

#2 Harvard School of Law

You know a law school is doing something right when it receives well over 6,000 applications each year for a spot in the classroom. Harvard’s law school is the home of many U.S. presidents due to it’s academic rigor and reputation. Maybe this is why Harvard sees zero students transfer out of its program most years. The most highly represented schools for Harvard School of Law came from other Ivy League universities, including Harvard, Brown, Georgetown and Yale, while the “non-Ivies” still came from highly competitive institutions, like UCLA and NYU. The GPA range of incoming students leaves little room for academic slips during undergraduate, with the bottom 25 percent earning a 3.78 and the top 25 percent earning a 3.97 or better. With 98 percent of graduates passing the bar exam on first try, you can expect these students to take on exceptional positions after graduation.

#1 Yale Law School

If you’re accepted to Yale Law School, you definitely have some bragging rights, for you can say something about yourself that over 92 percent of the applicants (and 99.9 percent of the country) cannot. A degree from Yale Law School is the holy grail of degrees. Graduates take jobs all over the world, but mostly end up in California, Washington, New York and DC, and often earn up to $160,000 right out of school. The students who get in and survive the law program definitely deserve it, with the LSAT scores ranging between 173-180 and GPAs ranging from 3.83-4.0 at rigorous schools. If you can get into this law program, give yourself a huge pat on the back, and then take a break from your studies and celebrate your accomplishment!

Lindsay Bradshaw is a blogger for the McMinn Law Firm in Austin, Texas. She thinks anyone with a degree from a top five program will make an amazing lawyer.

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