Can You Cope Financially When You Leave College Or University?

College and university can be the most exciting time of your life as you will be able to enjoy yourself while you are preparing for your future. Even when there has been a decent college fund set up, there will be few people who leave and have not amassed debt.

Can You Cope Financially When You Leave College Or University?

They will also be trying to find their way in the world and even when they manage to get a job, it is often not going to be an amazing salary and they will need to spend the next few years building up a fund, paying back loans, and still trying to enjoy life. Add getting a house, getting married and having children into the mix, and there will be a lot of balls to juggle.

What Will The Position Be?

Realistically they will have debt, and while it is not debt that is likely to put them in jail as long as you have been careful, but it is a debt that can’t be neglected. It may not be possible to get a mortgage right away so there is the need to look for a house to rent. Depending on where they are living this could end up taking a high percentage of their salary – providing they have one.

Working is vital so even if it is not in their chosen field, there needs to be some income coming in. This can add to the pressure as they will have to look for better-paid work while carrying out the job they have. If they do secure the ideal job, they will need to work hard to get established.

The Way Forward

It will be best to buy a house rather than rent so if a mortgage is possible then it should be taken. Getting onto the property ladder by 25 years of age will make it comforting to know that once retirement approached, there will be nothing to pay. It is important to shop around as while it is possible to change providers, it will not happen if there is not a good credit rating. This is the next thing to consider as many young people do not have the benefit of this. Once it is built up it is important that it is kept as it will be the way to all sorts of credit late in life. Something as simple as missing a payment can cause problems so whenever possible, set up a direct debit to make sure that there is always something being paid off.

Stating The Obvious

It goes without saying that debts should be kept in order. The debt that is costing the most in interest should be paid off first – if it is not possible to pay off in full. It is necessary to enjoy life, but it can be a catch 22 situation. Money is needed for enjoyment but the debt that arises from the enjoyment can certainly put a dampener on things.

Finally debt should be kept in perspective. It is not the be all and end all as long as payments are made on time.nbsp; As long as you control your debt and it does not control you life after education should be fine.

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