5 College Majors For Outdoorsy People

If you’re an outdoors person, you would most likely want to venture in an educational direction that satisfies your need for excitement and adventure.

5 College Majors For Outdoorsy People

Turfgrass Science/Management

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to your parents’ lawn than you ever thought. As a turfgrass major you’ll take classes relating to botany, horticulture, chemistry and biology in order to learn how to care for athletic fields, golf courses, public grounds, and other types of turf.

At work, turfgrass managers will test soil and water conditions, prevent erosion, eliminate pests, and guard against botanical disease. This is a great major for people who like being outdoors and working with their hands, and, best of all, it’s considered quite a lucrative position.


Surveyor at work with a leveling instrument

Surveyor at work with a leveling instrument

Speaking of lucrative careers, geography majors have something to smile about. Land surveyors make a career out of reviewing pieces of land before maps are made of construction is initiated. If you’ve ever seen people on the side of the road wearing a neon vest with an equally neon tripod with some gadget on top, that’s a surveyor.

They use special equipment like that to take measurements of a landscape according to its dimensions, contours, and elevation as well as determine property boundaries. They can also measure airspace and water in addition to land. Surveyors often have a background in geography or engineering, and has post-collegiate certifications in surveying from his or her state of practice.

Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Students in this major will end up taking classes in biology, natural resource conservation, and more. This degree can lead to a successful career as a game warden preserving the natural resources in your jurisdiction. While this job is technically classified under law enforcement, there’s no doubt you’ll get to spend a lot of your time on the job outdoors.

Typically people wanting to become game wardens spend some time developing experience as a police officer, too. If law enforcement isn’t your cup of tea, consider a career as a park ranger at a national, state or a well-funded city park. Typical job duties include educating the public about ecosystems and animals and assisting patrons in complying with park regulations.

Environmental Engineering

Anything in the engineering field is sure to be lucrative, but how happy can you be stuck behind a computer under florescent lighting? Luckily for environmental engineers, your job will be more concerned with preserving the integrity of your environment. Finding a job in the field usually required an advanced degree beyond a Bachelors because of the technical nature of the work. This can include monitoring samples for pollution, determining the effectiveness of waste disposal and recycling efforts. You’ll spend time testing environments for these problems and coming up with solutions to restore those environments. You could also come up with environmental regulations and consulting companies on those best practices.


One of the most popular Earth science degrees is in geology. You can find a career as a geologist at an oil and gas company, environmental science company, or even at a research university. You can also pursue a career as an archaeologist.

Many construction companies in the US require a resident archaeologist in order to protect historical sites and artefacts. It’s safe to say that you’ll be spending a lot of time outside whether you’re testing groundwater or discovering dinosaur bones.

Emily Kaltman writes for The Grass Outlet in Austin, Texas. She enjoys writing about the outdoors and spending time in nature.

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