Alcohol And College Life – Common Alcohol Related Crimes That College Students Commit

Most of the crimes committed by college students are quite synonymous with drugs and drinking. However, these crimes mostly involve drinking and being drunk. The offenses and the convictions often vary according to the state, but they can generally be placed under same categories.

Alcohol And College Life – Common Alcohol Related Crimes That College Students Commit

As a college student you need to be wise and careful with your actions as they will always have consequences … usually with the law.

Public Intoxication or PI

Public intoxication is an act when a person is so intoxicated in public to the extent that he is a danger to himself and others. Based on the severity of the situation and trouble caused, public intoxication is often considered a misdemeanor offense carrying a penalty of 30 days imprisonment, counseling and a fine.

Disorderly Conduct


As a college student you need to be wise and careful with your actions as they will always have consequences

Aside from lack of anger control, intoxication can also lead to erratic behaviors, disruptive manners, fights and lewd acts in public. Depending on the severity of the situation, disorderly conduct can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony carrying jail time and large fines.

Public Urination

Public urination occurs when a person urinates or defecates in public and not in a restroom designated for public use. This misdemeanor offense carries a penalty of community service, a fine and a year in jail. Sadly, this is a common offense committed by college students inside and outside of campus when they are unable to control their urges.

Minor In Possession or MIP

A minor in possession is when a person under the legal drinking age is caught in the possession of alcohol or drinking. They are often fined between $100 and $500, while their driver’s licenses are suspended for a month to a year. Community service and alcohol counseling programs are sometimes ordered by the court as well.

Noise Ordinance Violation

This is when a person of reasonable sensitivities is disturbed and when the sound level limit laid out by the noise ordinance is violated. The ordinances do vary, but this violation is quite common in communities near campuses where students throw parties. First violations result in warnings, but succeeding violations result in fines.

Drinking Under The Influence or DUI

This is another common crime committed by college students. DUI is a serious offense and the penalties include fines, jail time, counseling, community service and license suspension. According to statistics, almost 2000 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 are injured or killed in alcohol related road accidents each year. Sadly, aside from harming themselves, they also harm others and this can lead to serious criminal charges. Click here to learn more about these criminal charges caused by DUI.


Aside from DUI, where other innocent people are injured or killed, rape is another serious crime where an intoxicated person assaults another through sexual intercourse without consent. Victims are usually intoxicated or drugged by their predators, but there have also been victims who were attacked sober and unacquainted with their attackers. Unfortunately, rape is a common crime committed in many campuses and the convictions are always based on the details of the crime. Nevertheless, the court can sentence a predator up to 100 years imprisonment, large fines and extensive counseling.

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