Top Reasons Why Every College Student Needs Vitamin B12

Whether it’s your first semester at school as a freshman, or the last few days before graduation, the toll that school takes on your body is epic. The late night cram sessions, the emotional overeating (or 4am pizzas!), and an “occasional” frat party or two all work together to deplete your body of all the nutrients that he needs to help you perform your best.

Not too many college students have a bottle of multivitamins by the bedside. With tests, finals, projects, and papers who can remember to maintain a well-balanced diet complete with exercise?

Top Reasons Why Every College Student Needs Vitamin B12

7658305438_5e4b1a898a_nFortunately, there is a simple way to restore your health (and sanity) without a major time commitment on your part. All you need is vitamin B12 injections.

What is Vitamin B12?

So, what makes vitamin B12 stand out in an article about diets and hard college life? Vitamin B12 is one of eight vitamins found on the vitamin B complex. The vitamin B family is necessary for converting food into fuel for energy.

Vitamin B12, however, goes a little further and has a very important function. Vitamin B12 helps maintain the nervous and circulatory system.nbsp; This is crucial if you ever want to think, eat, walk, touchhellip;basically do anything at all!

A vitamin B12 deficiency is one thing you never want to experience. Ever. But depleting this vitamin during your college years could be disastrous.

Why Every College Student Needs Vitamin B12 Injection

1. A vitamin B12 deficiency wreaks havoc with overall health

  • If you have low levels of B12, you can experience memory loss. Cramming for the exam of your life won’t do you any good if your memory fails. Ensure you will remember all the chemicals of the periodic table (note, beer isn’t one of them).
  • Tingling and numbness of the hands and feet is common. This can be a scary event to have happen anytime, much less playing in the school’s homecoming game!
  • The lower the levels of vitamin B12, the higher the anxiety levels. Who wants more stress?! Panic attacks, anyone?
  • Canker sores often accompany a vitamin B12 deficiency. Seriously? Gross.

2. Vitamin B12 plays a major role in your external health.

  • Vitamin B12 is essential for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails. This might seems like a female problem, but men should be concerned too. If you aren’t getting enough B12, you could lose your hair!
  • B12 wards off premature gray hair, helps maintain a healthy natural color, and grows hair long and strong.
  • As for skin, B12 helps decrease eczema breakouts, skin lesions, and canker sores! Do you really need more reason?
  • Nails may not seem like a first thought, but can you imagine weak, brittle, and pitted nails? I didn’t think so.

3. Vitamin B12 helps you sleep better

  • By increasing the levels of B12 in your system, you can have healthier sleep patterns. You will awaken feeling more refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the 5 classes, 2 club meetings, and study session at the library.

4. Vitamin B12 can help you lose weight

  • Vitamin B12 is used by many for the weight loss benefits alone.
  • When your body is healthy and at a natural state, it performs the best it can. As this happens, fat is burned, bad things are replaced with better things, and you lose weight.
  • This is important for college students entering their freshman year and concerned about the freshman 15. This is important for the senior worried about graduation and working through meals, or grabbing those late night meals. Let B12 do the work for you.

College life is a stressful and amazing adventure. You are learning to be your own person while figuring out your future at the same time. There are decisions that are made that shape how the rest of your life will be.

If that’s not huge, I don’t know what is. Be at your best. Be in the optimum place for making these choices. Vitamin B12 can help take care of you from the inside out and take some of that stress away.

Bethany Winkle is a recent college graduate.nbsp; She is convinced the only reason she survived finals was the B12 injections she got from Trim Nutrition. Now that she is done with classes, she has the time to share her personal experience with B12 shots with other college students.

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