5 Tips For Staying Sober In College When Everyone Is Intoxicated

The number of young adults involved in substance abuse and alcohol intoxication at college is increasing. According to recent studies, it has been estimated that 44% of college students binge drink. These students are more likely to run into problems, such as DUI arrests or road accidents, because of alcohol or drug abuse.

The reason why college-aged individuals are more prone to alcohol intoxication and substance abuse is the fact that no parents are around to monitor their activities. In addition, these students have easy access to alcohol and drugs most of the time; therefore, they abuse their newfound freedom. With the number of students drinking, a lot of young adults- especially freshmen students- will give in to peer pressure.

5 Tips For Staying Sober In College When Everyone Is Intoxicated

If boozy conversations and drunken parties are not what you have planned, it is possible to enjoy college without any of these.

How To Stay Sober In College

Listed below are a few tips to help you avoid alcohol and drugs while in college. Remember that staying sober will help you get more out of your college life and experience.

One way to avoid the constant stream of parties in college is to live away from campus. You can look for a space where you and your friend can lodge throughout the semester or you can look for a suitable individual living accommodation. Living off campus is an excellent buffer between you and the party lifestyle found in campus. This option will keep you away from the influence of friends who constantly wants to party; thus, it is easier to avoid temptation.

Befriend Those Who Also Want To Stay Sober

Find friends who also want to stay sober

Find friends who also want to stay sober

Finding friends who also want to stay sober is one of the most effective ways to enjoy college and avoid temptation. For instance, you can look for friends through sports or hobby organizations and clubs. Keep in mind that most of your time in college is spent with your friends; therefore, their activities will greatly influence your lifestyle as well. If you keep friends who find sober recreational activities, there is a huge chance that the amount of drinking you do will be reduced.

Enjoy A Few Parties Once In A While

You don’t have to completely isolate yourself and your friends from college parties. You can always enjoy a few parties but minus the alcohol. Keep in mind that alcohol intoxication can lead to problems. According to Suhre Law & Associates, an Ohio based law firm, a lot of college students get into legal trouble because they operated their vehicle thinking they are fine, but when they got pulled over, their BAC was beyond the legal limit.

Here are a few tips to enjoy a college party without getting drunk

  • Find out which beverages are non-alcoholic
  • Always have a cup of juice on hand to pretend that you already have a drink.
  • Instead of drinking a vodka tonic, you can have a club soda on the rocks. Other drunken students will think you are drinking vodka when you are actually sober and watching them make a fool of themselves.


Another way to avoid the temptation is to volunteer. It is a great way to spend your time in a meaningful way. It keeps you occupied and busy most of the time; thus, you have an excellent excuse for not going to parties. In addition, volunteering can also boost your resume since most employers prefer applicants who were active in college.

Find Activities You Enjoy

There are plenty of activities which you and your friends can do without alcohol.

  • You and your friends can go out for a movie night.
  • You can also go out to dinner. Find a restaurant near campus and enjoy the night.
  • Hang out in coffee houses that don’t serve alcohol. There are a lot of coffee houses near campus that allow for a lot of social interaction.
  • Watch a live sports game. You can go with a couple of your friends and cheer for your favorite team. Just remember to place limits on what you should and shouldn’t drink.

The author, Kris Lim, is a college student and blogger. In this article, she shares a few tips for staying sober in college.

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