College Living 101: Packing And Moving Tips For College Students

Heading off to college is a very thrilling and life-changing experience; however, along with the anticipation of moving out of the house and into a college dorm is the stress and frustration that comes with packing and hauling stuff away. Students and their families face different challenges, such as limited elevator access and crowded dorm hallways.

College Living 101: Packing And Moving Tips For College Students

As a freshmen student, it is important to find out how you can overcome these moving-day obstacles. For one, you should know how and what to pack before moving day comes. Listed in this article are tips for moving into your college dorm room.

What To Bring To College


Find out what is included in your dorm room

You should know that most dorm rooms are already furnished; therefore, you should find out what will be available in your room before moving day. Find out what will be provided for you. Does your room have a bed, closet, dresser, or work desk? You should also inquire from the dorm representative what is included in your residence fee. In addition, you should check how big the room is. Doing so will help you figure out how to fit your things in there. Lastly, you should look around the campus and see where you can purchase the rest of your necessities.

Here are a few of essential items you should pack:

Mattress pad: If you don’t want to sleep on the bed that is already available in your room, you could bring a mattress pad with you. Doing so will ensure that you will feel comfortable sleeping in your new room.

Important Documents: You should also bring with you important documents, such as your social security card, a copy of your birth certificate, and your bank account information. Make sure though to keep these documents safe.

Clothes: If your dorm room already has a closet, you should understand that you will have limited space; therefore, you need to pack just enough clothes. Aside from your College t-shirt, pants, shorts, and flip-flops, you should also bring formal attire with you. Keep in mind that most Universities have formal dances. Formal clothing will also come in handy if you find yourself in a job application interview.

Storage Boxes And Stackable Crates: These are great for keeping your room clutter-free. You can store your things under the bed or pile them in a little-used corner of the room.

College Moving Tips

Be Clutter-Free/strong: Knowing how much space you have in your dorm room, will help you determine what you should bring. Be practical when packing your stuff. This means that your stuffed animals or your video games should not come with you. If you don’t want to leave these items in your own room at home, you can place them into storage. Click here to consider a few storage options.

Set Your Priorities When Packing: You should organize your belongings in storage boxes by priority. If possible, pack important items together. You could also pack items, such as medicines, valuable jewelry, and documents in clearly marked boxes.

Label Everything: When moving to your dorm room, you should label boxes by location. You should also list the items stored inside each box so that you will know where to find specific items.

Reserve Moving Carts: Most college dorms provide moving carts for students. Keep in mind that during the move-in days, there will be a lot of students who will need these carts; therefore, it will be hard to procure one. As a tip, you should reserve a cart before moving day. In addition, you should also have all campus-issued supplies ready before the moving process.

While moving into a college dorm room can be very stressful and challenging, especially for freshmen students, there are ways to reduce moving-day stress. You can start by considering these tips and move along your list of activities as you see fit.

Kris Lim is a Senior in College and a blogger who offers tips for moving into a college dorm room.

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