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The security industry is one of the fastest growing in most countries. Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East all face the need for increased personal protection from possible assignation and kidnapping.

This makes the market excellent for ex-military personnel or former policemen who are looking for a lucrative second career.

In addition to good pay, close protection offers plenty of opportunities for excitement and travel.


One of the first areas of close protection you may consider is that necessary for celebrities. Movie stars, fashion designers, and well-known wealthy people all often require body guards. Today’s methods are discreet, yet very effective in protecting celebrities from harassment, stalkers, and paparazzi.

You may be hired privately by an individual celebrity, or you might work for a security company and sent on location to provide security. This is sometimes required in cases in which the celebrity or his or her family are not in their regular environment, and more personnel is needed to provide coverage.

Diplomats and Businessmen

The more dangerous personal security is often associated with diplomats and businessmen. In these cases, you may accompany your client into areas of unrest, in which kidnapping and assassination are a threat. These jobs usually pay more, and will use more of your skills. br /For these assignments, yoursquo;ll be trained in both armed and unarmed close combat. Yoursquo;ll need to receive threat assessment training, as well as learn first aid and triage. Quite often, a high level security clearance is required. Not only will you be responsible for the physical safety of your client, but you may need to be able to take charge of panic situations in which an event has occurred.

Being multi-talented could be useful in a close protection job

Being multi-talented could be useful in a close protection job


In close protection, you may be required to perform several different functions. There are categories of training for each of these services, and the more training you have, the more money you’ll make. You’ll also find that it amps up the excitement factor in your assignments.

You may be required to provide family protection, rather than just close protection for one person. You may also provide travel security, meaning that you’ll have to know how to plan travel routes and conduct advance surveillance. Part of your services in close protection may be as a security driver. You’ll also need to be trained in armed and unarmed security.

Additional Training

As a close protection officer, or CPO, you will need to receive training in tactical firearms usage. This course will also include familiarization with foreign weapons and close combat weapons.

Hostage survival, hostage rescue, and kidnap awareness courses are required for the CPO. In addition, security and evasive driving are part of your training.

The training, alone, for close protection is exciting, with the tactics and tools you master setting you apart from the run of the mill night watchman. With close quarters training, you can travel the world and mix with the elite people of the world, and all the while, get paid to do so.

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