5 Tips For Staying Sober While In College

College is a special time in a young person’s life. For many young people it’s a major transitional period, where they live away from home for the very first time. They are also starting their journey to independence, and having to start making serious life choices on their own, without the immediate guidance of their parents.

Plus, with the rising costs of college, it’s more crucial than ever that college students take advantage of the educational and social opportunities college provides without being sidetracked by alcohol.

5 Tips For Staying Sober While In College

By following the five tips listed below, college students have a better chance at avoiding alcohol.

One: Volunteering

Volunteering is a wonderful way for a college student to stay busy and avoid drinking alcohol. Besides finding a meaningful way to contribute his time, the student will also be able to tell potential employers that he has volunteered for a worthy cause while attending college.

Try to avoid wet parties

Try to avoid wet parties

Two: Living Off-Campus

Living off campus is a very personal and individual choice to make. Living on campus can be a great choice for a student who wants to live on his own for the first time, but for students who believe they will be very tempted to drink, it may be better to live off campus. This is also a good solution for older students, who feel like they have outgrown a lot of the wild partying that goes on at college campuses. Living off campus can provide a nice buffer between a student and the party lifestyle of a college campus./p

Three: Seek Friends Who Want To Stay Sober

Having like-minded peers is one of the most effective ways to stay sober. So much of a college student’s time is spent with his peers, that their activities will have a huge influence. So if a college student has friends that regularly party and drink, inevitably he will take part in those same activities. But if the student has friends who find other sober recreational activities, odds are the amount of drinking he does will be greatly reduced.

Four: Find Group Activities That Don’t Involve Drinking

Whether the recreational activity is sports or music-related, finding group activities that don’t involve drinking will help the college student stay motivated and sober. Everybody has hobbies and interests that they’d like to pursue. Finding a way to get involved in college, will allow the student to use his time productively, instead of drinking.

Five: Generally Avoid Wet Parties

A wet party is a way of referring to parties that alcohol will be present. Although attending these parties may be fun every once in a great while, in general these types of parties should be avoided. All sorts of negative and dangerous behaviours can take place at parties where drinking is encouraged. And a college student shouldn’t regularly attend these parties, because of the peer pressure to drink and act crazy.

College is considered one of the greatest times of a person’s life. There are endless opportunities to learn, have fun, and grow as a human being. By making the extra effort to stay sober, a student will be able to make the most of his four years, without getting sidetracked by alcohol.

Cindy Nichols is an interventional specialist and treatment advisor that dedicates her time to helping young people deal with the problems of drug and alcohol abuse. Her dedication is showcased through her work at Recovery Now.

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