Five Ideas For Great Summer Marketing Internships

While there are some great degrees out there to learn marketing, there’s only so much that can be taught about marketing at university. In order to get some real marketing experience, you’ll need to do some internships. However, you don’t want to get stuck in some internship where the most exciting thing you do all day is making a cappuccino for the boss.

Many marketing internships entail mostly dull administrative work that doesn’t actually have that much to do with marketing.

Though of course not all marketing tasks are equally interesting, when doing an internship you want to experience what being a marketer is really about.

Five Ideas For Great Summer Marketing Internships

Below we’ve rounded up some tips for where to look for your summer marketing internship to ensure you get a good one.

Intern at a Startup

It could be really interesting to try and get a marketing internship at a startup. While a startup won’t have a big marketing department (they’ll often have one person in charge of marketing that might also be running the actually business) they’ll be able to offer very varied work. You’ll likely be part of the entire marketing process, with often a big focus on online marketing. Working as a marketing intern at a startup will really push you out of your comfort zone. A lot of startups focus on “growth hacking” as opposed to more traditional marketing techniques. Being involved in very fast-paced, results-oriented marketing campaigns can offer invaluable experience.

To get a marketing internship at a startup you’ll have to get innovative and probably won’t be able to rely on a boring resume. Get creative and start hunting for startups that offer marketing internships. Even if a startup isn’t advertising internships, if you feel like you’d be a good fit, just contact them and tell them why you want to intern for them and what value you could offer them.

Intern at a Small Local Company

Similar to startups, small local businesses don’t have big a marketing department. They might not even have anyone doing marketing at all. This provides an opportunity for an eager to learn intern. Approach a local business that you love and tell them you want to intern for them. You’ll often be able to work together with the business owner on the company’s marketing efforts. An internship with a small business could provide a great learning experience.

Intern at an Internet Marketing Firm

Intern at an internet marketing company

Intern at an internet marketing company

Marketing is increasingly becoming an online game. This is why it is of utmost importance that you gain some experience in internet marketing. What place better to learn about internet marketing than at a marketing firm that specializes only in online marketing.

Intern at a Big Innovative Company

While you might get a different impression from this article, there is still a lot that can be learned about marketing at big companies. If you prefer interning at a large company, make sure you go for the ones that are not behind the times and actually use innovative marketing tactics. Don’t forget that marketing isn’t just about innovation though. A marketing campaign will still fail if it’s not executed perfectly, no matter how innovative the idea. Going from an innovative idea to a perfectly executed marketing campaign is definitely something you could learn at a large company with a great marketing department.

Create Your Own Internship

If you’re a bit entrepreneurially inclined, you might consider starting a very small business over Summer and being your own marketing intern. These days you could get a small business started in a few weeks for under $100. For example, you could sell handmade items online, offer a podcast editing service, offer social media management services to small businesses, or even sell gourmet ice cream at the beach.

Zane Schwarzlose is the SEO Director at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin SEO agency. Zane interned at Capitol Hill when he was in college.

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