6 Tips To Guarantee Your Way Through Law School

Law school can be a notoriously difficult experience. People who want to have success must remember a few critical tips. These things can apply whether you’re in school at Yale or learning the ropes elsewhere in the legal world.

6 Tips To Guarantee Your Way Through Law School

Here are six ways to guarantee your way through law school.

1. Going To Class Matters

When you’re in undergrad, it’s possible to get by without going to class. In fact, many college classes don’t take attendance throughout the semester. There, you can simply cram for a test, learning what you need to learn through books and study guides. This is not the case in law school, as going to class actually matters. When you show up for class, you’ll learn the things that the professor feels are most important. You’ll also have an opportunity to engage with the legal principles through discussions and hypothetical questions put forward by professors.

2. Buy The Right Supplements

All law students will have the relevant case books. You can guarantee your way through law school by picking up the right supplemental books. Supplements explain the law in a direct way. This can save you tremendous time that would have otherwise been spent pouring through cases. Figure out which supplements your professors recommend, and read those throughout the semester.

Learn how to brief a case

Learn how to brief a case

3. Develop A Briefing Method That Works For You

One of the things that you’ll learn in law school is how to brief a case. This means writing down the facts, the procedural history, and the legal reasoning in a given case. During the first few weeks of law school, you may be tempted to spend hours on this brief. This is unnecessary. Instead, you should develop your own method. Find a way to get the relevant information out of cases without spending days on your briefs.

4. Always Study With The Exam In Mind

In law school, your exam will typically account for your entire grade. This means that everything you do should be based upon the exam at the end of the semester. Study with the exam in mind, thinking about how different cases or legal principles could be applied to a real-life situation. This will help you in law school, and it will prepare you for life as an actual attorney.

5. Learn To Argue Both Sides

If you want to guarantee your way through law school, you’ll need to learn to argue both sides of any situation. Typically a law exam question will split the middle, and each side will have a few compelling arguments that could be made. In the course of arguing both sides, don’t forget to settle on one. You should, however, flesh out the arguments that could work for either side in the debate.

6. Practice Exams Are Your Friend

As you go through law school, take practice exams seriously. Most professors provide examples of exams that they have given in the past. Just as you wouldn’t hop into a football game without practicing your plays, you shouldn’t jump into a law school exam without first going through as many practice exams as possible.

Law school can be manageable for people who have desire and skill. By following these tips, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to shine in a highly competitive environment. Always remember that the exam is the primary goal, and keep your eyes on the prize throughout the semester.

Raymon Arndt is a law student who enjoys blogging about his experiences in law school, and his interests in personal injury law. Raymon recommends seriousaccidents.com as a great resource for those seeking personal injury counsel, and blogs.wsj.com/law as a great law blog for students to read on a regular basis.

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