What To Pack When Going To University

Many of you may already be planning your move to university in the autumn, and if this is the case, it’s a good idea to consider how you will pack for your relocation.

Obviously, as you’ll be living in your university town or city for more than half the year, you’ll want to bring your everyday essentials like toiletries, clothes and entertainment.

What To Pack When Going To University

However, this list will remind you of other necessary things to take with you to ensure your student accommodation feels like a home away from home.

Laptop and study aids

Let’s not forget why you’ve gone to university in the first place – to come out with a good degree. Therefore, it is imperative you have everything you need to help with your studies. The first thing you should get is a laptop, as nearly all university assignments are researched, written and submitted on computers these days; you might find you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have a device of your own, which will enable you to study in your accommodation, as opposed to competing for the computers in the library.

You should also pack lots of paper, stationery, files, a USB stick and a pin board, as these will all help you study.

Kitchen equipment

Whether you’re living in catered halls or not, you will need to invest in some kitchen equipment. If you’re planning to cook for yourself, you can buy basic sets of pans, knives and utensils from supermarkets, which will provide you with everything you need to get cooking. Even if you don’t need to cook, you will still require bowls, plates, cutlery, mugs, a kettle and a toaster so you can enjoy some snacks from time to time.

Household equipment

This is likely to be the first time you’ve ever really had to look after yourself, which means you’ll probably have to buy a lot of household equipment you’ve not required before. An iron and ironing board are useful, while washing powder, washing-up liquid, bedding, cushions, cleaning equipment, a small tool kit and some sewing equipment are all useful to have at university too.


Being at university is also probably the first time you’ve had full control of your entertainment gadgets, choosing what TV programmes to watch to how long you can stay up listening to music. Therefore, you’ll probably want to bring as many DVDs, MP3 files and electronic equipment as you possibly can.

If you do take your TV, don’t forget to get a TV license. Alternatively, lots of students make do with watching DVDs, listening to music and surfing the internet on their laptops. You may also want to bring your games console, books and musical instruments if you wish to.

Remember to pack your personal documents

Remember to pack your personal documents

Important documents

It is particularly important to have your personal documents at hand during your first year of university, as this is when you’ll have to register for a lot of things. You’ll require your passport, NHS medical card, national insurance number, bank details, CVs, exam certificates, student loan information, and UCAS and university correspondence.

Once you arrive at university, you’ll have to open new bank accounts, register at a doctor’s, dentist’s and opticians, possibly get travel discount cards or look for a job, so it’s a good idea to have easy access to everything you need.


The first few months of university can be challenging for a lot of teenagers as they are so far away from home, particularly international students. One way to ensure the transition of moving away for your studies is easier is to bring some knick-knacks to decorate your room.

Many students come to university armed with posters and photos to remind them of home, while it is also a good idea to bring or buy some furnishings that add a personal touch to your new abode, from rugs and beanbags to lamps, candles and fairy lights.

Anything that makes your room feel individual will not only allow you to settle in more easily, but also creates talking points with fellow students, which could help you make friends more quickly.


Of course, it is important you don’t leave home without anything you urgently need. You’ll be living in your accommodation for months on end and may not visit home during this period – especially if you’re an international student – so don’t forget any medication you require on a regular basis. It’s also wise to take a small First Aid kit, so you don’t have to rush to the pharmacy if there’s anything you need should you feel ill.

Other than your important documents, don’t worry too much about forgetting something at home, as you can always buy anything else you need once you have arrived. The most important thing is to feel settled, and once you’ve managed that, you’ll soon regard your accommodation as your second home.

Natasha Al-Atassi is a property and student news writer for luxury student brand Vita Student Accommodation Investments, collating the latest industry news about student property in the UK, the Vita Student Brand and information to help students currently at university.

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