How To Prepare For Student Life

Preparing for university for the first time is one of those things that leave people a little lost and not knowing where to start. Once you get your acceptance offer, it’s often full steam ahead and you’ll want to make inroads into preparation for the university year ahead.

How To Prepare For Student Life

So, let’s take a look at some of the things to do to get you on the straight and narrow and get prepped for going away.

Place to Stay

If you have been offered a place and are thinking of accepting you will have to find a place in close proximity to the university to live. Many colleges and universities have student accommodation and plenty of them give this on a first come and first served basis for first years and freshers as they need to get to know the area. Check the university website and there will be information on how to apply. Alternatively, you can also move into accommodation in the immediate area, with friends or fellow students. Check out local websites to get an idea of good places to search for a new house, flatmates or otherwise.


Most colleges or universities will provide you with an introduction pack for your university and your particular course. This will give you details on what to do to prepare for the course, what to read, information on background and material you will need to bring. It will also inform you on how to register and how to prepare for your course. You may even receive information on a book or reading list, allowing you to get prepared in this regard.

What to Take

You will now need to decide on what you want to bring to university with you. You may not want to bring all your items, especially if you come home regularly.

What you take often also depends on where you are going to live and stay and what is in that accommodation. In the case of student dorms or accommodation a lot of items will be provided and this can limit the amount you need to bring. If you need to bring a lot of items to university then you may need a lift, a van hire or perhaps to hire a transport company to send my bag such as Uni Baggage.

Where to Go

If you have organised a position in the halls of residence, they will most likely give you a date and time to arrive. You will be moving in with most of your neighbours for the next year on the same day and this can be a great way to get to know people. You should also familiarise yourself with the surroundings and get to know the immediate area where you live.


One thing we would also advise you to do is to sort out a student bank account. There are all sorts of different sorts of accounts on offer and students should take a long hard look at what they thing fits their needs and what is available.

In addition, take heed of student support such as grants and other information that the university offers. These can be vital and make the whole part of student life a lot easier.

Following these tips should help you through the summer and get you off on the right foot at university

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