10 Best drinking games

Throwing a college party the weekend and need some innovative ideas for drinking games?

We have compiled a list of 10 of the best drinking games for your next college or university party.

10 Best drinking games

1. The moustache game

Stick 1 or more fake moustaches on your television. Watch something. any time someone looks like they have a moustache on, drink!

The Moustache game

2. Vodka roulette.

Say you have 4 people in the group. Order (or pour if you are at home) 3 shots of water and 1 shot of vodka. Put them all in the centre of the table. On the count of 3 everyone grabs and shoots. No sniffing or tasting allowed.. you can pretty much guarantee the person who hates vodka the most will get it.

3. Guess That Gospel

Best for hotels when cards aren’t available. Person A reads 2 verses from any gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) to person B. If person B correctly guesses the gospel, person A takes 3 drinks (1/4 a beer). If person B doesn’t get it, they take a drink. Play passes to whoever gets it wrong.

4. Landmines

Sitting at a table, everyone pours a bit of what they’re drinking out of their cans/bottles in a plastic cup. Make sure there is nothing on the table.

Going around in a circle, you must spin a coin on the table and then finish your drink before the coin stops spinning. After you finish your drink you must pick up the (still spinning) coin with one hand. If you are unsuccessful, you must finish your drink, re-fill your cup, and go again

Once you have emptied your can/bottle (not the plastic cup), you can use it as a land mine. During someone else’s turn, you can slam your landmine down on the spinning coin, forcing that person to go again.

Landmines do not move, they stay where they were placed for the rest of the game. If your coin hits a landmine during your turn then you must go again. The longer this game goes on the more fun it gets because eventually the table will be covered in landmines.

5. Watch Rush Hhour 1, 2 and 3 if you dare.

Drink every time Chris tucker says Jackie’s name “Lee”. Every. Time. And hope it’s not strong.

6. Minesweeper.

Get 16 identical shot glasses and fill 8 with cheap vodka and 8 with water. Arrange them randomly in a square and take turns choosing and shooting. The best way to ruin a good night.

7. Possum

You and a friend or two climb a tree with a bunch of alcohol of your choice; drink as much as you can until you fall out. (Popular in New Zealand)

Landmines drinking games

8. Baseball

Two teams. Four cups in a line on each side. Each player goes up to “bat” by throwing a ping pong ball into the opponents’ cups. Nearest cup is a single, progressing to double, triple, and home run. If the ball doesn’t hit a cup, it’s an out. If it bounces off a cup and is caught, that’s an out. Base stealing is played by flip cup in the middle. If runner initiates a “steal” the fielder must finish his flipcup first to throw him out.

9. Drunk Uno

Played like a regular game of Uno but you must take a drink of whatever you’re drinking for every card you have to draw. You can also stack Draw cards so a Draw 4 with several Draw 2s or more Draw 4s can lead to alot of drinking for one unfortunate person.

10. If you love me honey give me a smile.

Have everyone chilling out, in some sort of circle shape works best. One person (person A) starts off, and chooses someone else (person B) to go up to.

Person A: “If you love me honey, give me smile.” Person B: “I love you honey, but I just can’t smile.”

The deal is, person B CANNOT smile during this interaction. Not at all. And they have to maintain eye contact while replying. If they do smile, they drink, and become the asker. If they don’t, person A moves on and repeats until some chump grins.

The asker can also do whatever they like to try to make the askee smile.

It is important to always remember to drink responsibly and never drive drunk. Always pick a designated driver or take a taxi home. To see some fun games you can play when it’s your turn as the designated driver, click here.

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