Freshers Flu Is Real – What Causes It And How To Cure It?

Like most things, students are oblivious to the innumerable causes of flu and its amplification during the infamous Fresher’s week. Starting university and with it, a new chapter in your life, it is easy for students to become very much wrapped up in the excitement and the ample advice on avoiding Fresher’s Flu can fall on deaf ears.

This does not however, detract from the importance of steering clear of the pesky virus, not only to avoid being ill but also to make the most of your allocated no-guilt party time, prior to all the boring deadlines.

So, What Is The Notorious Freshers Flu?

A large percentage of students commonly contract a flu during the early weeks of starting university which include the usual fevers, sore throats, headaches and annoyingly persistent coughs. The term ‘Flu’ can be misleading in that most students will not suffer a full-blown flu but maybe suffer the consequences of lack of sleep, excessive drinking, fast food fests and mingling with countless new people.

Not only are these habits particularly high on the richter scale of unhealthy, but your international buddies are likely to carry illnesses that are foreign to your already compromised immune system.

Although not completely fool-proof, there are tips to avoiding the Fresher’s bug and if you are unlucky enough to get the sniffles, a cure isn’t far from arms length either.

Don’t Pig Out

With mum no longer there to supply the nutritious greens on the dinner table, it is not uncommon for students, renowned for their sloppy culinary skills, to resort to the greasy but wallet-friendly chippy for their tummy-filling needs.

There is nothing worse than a conveniently located kebab shop and interestingly enough, they seem to find themselves nicely situated only a stone’s throw from the student halls of residence. Be a trooper and instead make a supermarket trip to stock up on the bread-and-milk essentials and maybe chuck in a carrot or two for nutritional good measure.

Cut A Night Short

As much as you want to take advantage of the cheap booze and the busy clubs, lack of sleep and an abundance of alcohol is a red-card combo. Try to balance out the night outs and when out, be generous with water, not only will it keep you hydrated but it should avoid the hangover-from-hell the next morning. Exercising is an added bonus, and a quick jog  around campus should help boost your immune system and fight off any potential virus at work.

Doctor Knows Best

It is very important to register with a GP when you arrive at university. It is impractical to travel home to visit Doc every time you’re under the weather and having a specialist at hand is a safety blanket that all students secretly take comfort in.

If the flu is unrelenting then maybe a doctors one-over is exactly what you need. Student health is commonly overlooked by students themselves, until of course the symptoms start to catch up with them. There are a number of student health guides and tips, accessible at your local medical centre, university and online, all of which should help keep you on top form.

Are you looking forward to starting university and wary of contracting the Fresher’s Flu? Perhaps you were victim of the bug before and now keen to tell the tale? Share your comments below.

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