Decorating Your Student Bedroom Using Wall Art Stickers

Moving into student accommodation is an exciting time: finally you get the freedom you so desperately crave and the chance to really express yourself.

Decorating Your Student Bedroom Using Wall Art Stickers

You may have had some say in your bedroom decoration at home, but at last you can be creative and true to your personal passions.

Ditch the dingy decor

Most student digs leave a lot to be desired, featuring garishly patterned carpets, barely-functioning furniture and grimy magnolia walls. The first thing to do is to give the place a top-to-bottom spring clean; don’t hold back on astringent cleaning products and elbow grease. The carpet is best covered with a large neutral rug to save your poor eyes the next time you have a hangover. Repair the furniture as best you can, jazzing up cupboards and drawers with funky handles and covering tired soft furnishings with a throw.

Spice up the walls

This room could benefit from some wall art

This room could benefit from some wall art

Now that you’ve disguised the worst of the problems, you can have a bit of fun with the walls. You’re unlikely to be able to paint, paper or hang any pictures, so the best way of personalising your space is by using a range of removable wall art stickers. They are easy to apply and can be taken down without leaving any marks. The only problem that you’ll have is deciding which one best represents your style. You could choose inspiration for your studies with some great one-liners, tease your travel taste buds, proudly display your patriotism or reveal your cheeky nature.

Happy hippie

If you are a retro-hippy, then you could stick a simple mantra for a happy and healthy life at the foot of your bed to remind you of the limitless opportunities ahead. There is a beautiful range of tree and flower stickers to reflect an eco-friendly mindset, or you could embrace the orient with a Chinese character for love or a cheeky Buddha to make you smile.

Globe trotter

If you’re planning a year out back-packing around the continents, opt for the map of the world sticker to whet your appetite, or a classic symbol from each of your destinations; the Statue of Liberty, an array of African animals, or a Hindu Elephant God. There are modes of transport available too, or perhaps you’re focussing on a particular sporting event.

Hobby heaven

If you’re a sports fan, whether you’re bitten by the bug for football, motor racing, basketball, cycling or American football, you’ll find a sticker to fuel your fanaticism. Fashionistas on the other hand could opt for a retail therapy icon or philosophy, while clubbers have a couple of cool DJ images to get the party going.

Other Areas

Don’t forget to spread the love and spruce up the rest of your house. Your bathroom reading could include the wall with a funny phrase or instructions on what to do in the smallest room. They say that the best parties happen in the kitchen, so remember to express yourself in this hub meeting point, choosing from a range of chubby chefs and smart sayings.

Once you have decided on the theme of your wall coverings, you can tie in your carpets, throws, cushions and handles to match. Of course if you move or change your mind, you can always take them down and restore your blank canvas to create a new masterpiece.

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