7 Ways To Prepare Your Son For The Temptations Of College

Your son is about to be exposed to a whole new set of temptations and choices as he enters college.

7 Ways To Prepare Your Son For The Temptations Of College

How can you help? Here are 7 ways to prepare your son for the temptations he will no doubt face in this next chapter of his life.

1. His Perspective

Start by asking your son what he thinks. What his is outlook on the next four years of his life? How does he feel about starting school away from home, and what are his concerns?

Do not assume that you have any idea what is going on inside the mind of your son. Let him tell you when he wants to share, and ask questions from a stance of genuinely wanting to know. If he feels comfortable, your son may tell you more than you expected.

2. Open Dialog

When it feels appropriate, talk openly about what can happen in college. Be honest about alcohol and drug use, and possibly find out what exposure your son has already had to substances.

Every teenager is different, and if this is the first conversation yoursquo;ve had to have with your son about drugs and alcohol, then the response will depend on his unique set of experiences. Again, if you can allow him the space to feel at ease, then you may hear more from him than you expected.

3. Discuss Long-Term Plan

Request a meeting with your son, and talk with him about what he sees for his life, if you don’t already know. Listen and ask clarifying questions. Let him express his dreams openly, and see, from there, what area of study seems most fitting.

4. Provide Freedom

New freedom is a big part of college, and why so many freshman get distracted by temptations. If you give your son a little extra freedom while he’s still at home, life away from home will not be so different.

5. Create Goals

Offer to help your son create concrete (but changeable) goals for his college career. Having something established and working toward something he wants, can prevent your son from succumbing to temptations.

6. Finances

Determine the budget for your son’s college life. How much are you helping him and how much is he responsible for on his own? Talk to him about credit cards, encouraging him to talk with you if he needs money instead of signing up for any type of credit.

Give him tools to make good financial choices, and be sure he understands the big picture.

7. Let Go

Realize that the parenting you have done up until now has molded your son into a young man. It is his time to enter the world and make his own decisions. Trust that he will make good ones. If he doesn’t he is still in a slight bubble and you can still help him.

The temptations your son will be exposed to can alter his life, but if you can stay in honest communication, you can help your son avoid making any major mistakes.

Allow him to fully emerge in the college life, and trust that he will navigate the experience in the best way for himself.

Joey Holub is the admissions director at Shadow Mountain Recovery, an extended care residential drug rehab for young men in recovery, learn more at www.shadowmountainrecovery.com.

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