Real-world masters degrees in computer science via the Internet

At SmartStudent we’ve written about online education programs before. And now you can get an online masters degrees in computer science in collaboration with Georgia Tech and AT&T:

Georgia Tech, one of the nation’s best engineering schools, said it would begin offering fully-accredited, real-world master’s degrees in computer science via the Internet. The cost: About $6,600. Or roughly the cost of a few years of interest that many graduate students pay on a big loan to fund their education.

So how is this possible? The Wall Street Journal’s take on the program:

The upfront costs to create the online lectures run between $200,000 and $300,000, but once those hard outlays have been made the cost per each additional student is minimal, said Mr. Isbell. He estimated the school would have to hire one full-time teacher for every 100 online students as opposed to one full-time teacher for every 10 or 20 students who study on campus.

The Georgia Tech program will have four enrollment tracks for students. Enrollment started in January, though the first year will feature a small test run of several hundred paying students drawn mostly from the military and the corporate world, particularly AT&T.


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