Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs

I don’t think is a single job that doesn’t come with it’s own type and degree of stress. Some jobs however are a lot less pressurised than others and loss of life risks, dangers, long hours, constant demands and deadlines are fewer.

Work-Jobs-StressTop 10 Least Stressful Jobs

Here is a list of jobs that are regarded as having the least amount of stress.


Working with beautiful and lovely smelling flowers makes this a very nice job indeed. Being surrounded by nature at it’s best every day is inspiring. Flowers lift everyone’s mood and can brighten up a dull room or a dull day, and being a part of that process earns this job a spot on this list.

Dog Walker

If you love dogs and the outdoors then this is the job for you. A dog walker gets to exercise while working and can enjoy fresh air every day. Dogs are very non-discriminative and make great companions, never moaning or complaining and always happy.

University Professor

As bizarre as it may seem to make it on the list, this job doesn’t involve the responsibility of people’s lives, nor is their own life at risk. It’s not a physical job so they can really be in any physical shape they like and work in the comfort of a climate-controlled classroom. A big plus is enjoying the long school holidays.


Working in a nice, clean and quiet environment certainly makes this job relaxing. Raised voices are a no-no here! Working with books and computers, and helping people seems like a pretty cool job.

Yoga Teacher

This has got to be one of the most relaxed jobs. Teaching clients how to ease their tension and breath better has got to a very rewarding, not to mention stress-free job. It probably doesn’t get much better than this.

Hair Stylist

Even though they are on their feet all day, they do get used to it and it has little effect on their day after a while. Cutting people’s hair and give them new styles and looks can be very uplifting, especially when clients are clearly delighted by their new reflection.


Being surrounded by beautiful objects really adds to the charm of this job. Who wouldn’t love looking at sparkling diamonds all day? Making people happy as they walk away smiling with their ‘precious’ purchase adds to the job satisfaction.


One of the best things about this job is that your clients drop their garment off to be altered and the tailor gets to say when they will be ready for collection. Tailors usually own their own business and can afford to work flexible hours to suit.

Freelance Copy Editor

Again, the beauty of this type of job is the versatility when it comes to working hours. While they still have deadlines to meet, they can juggle their days and be as busy as it suits them. They also work in a nice peaceful and stress free environment – home – no risk of work accident claims as they’re at home behind a desk.

Early Childhood Teacher

Working with young, innocent minds and helping them develop and learn new skills has got to be a hugely rewarding job. Getting to play and be a ‘kid’ again makes this job a fun and happy one. Although a huge amount of patience is required, if you are that way inclined this could be the perfect job!s

So if you are finding your current career is stressing you out and you need a change, you might consider one of these options for a job with less pressures.

Martin Ryan has written for a variety of websites and is a quite relaxed person even though he doesn’t do any jobs on the list.

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