How to apply for summer jobs

How to apply for summer jobs

Looking for a summer job this year? Here are a few words of advice.

Dress nice

If you come in person to interview or just to get an application, dress nice. Not saying you need a suit and tie to apply for a lifeguard position, but wear decent pants and a nicer shirt (ie: a polo shirt), not ripped jeans and a dirty “420 YOLO SWAG” shirt.

Put the cell phone away

Put the cell phone away

Engage the person

When you are talking to people look them in the eyes and engage them. I can’t tell you how many people come in to apply for a job and look at their shoes the entire time and mumble responses to my questions.


Make sure your application is readable. I have shit for hand writing but when I was filling out applications it looked like I got an A+ in hand writing class. If I can’t read it, I won’t hire you. On the same vein, answer ALL the questions. Don’t leave half the application blank and expect anyone to call you back.

No cellphone

Put the cell phone away. If you are waiting for someone that is fine, but when someone is talking to you put it away and don’t bring it out again until you leave.

Own initiative

If you have questions about hiring, the position, or if there is any word on your application make sure that it is you that is calling, not mom or dad. It is a sign of maturity and that you are responsible enough to follow up yourself. It is a huge red flag if mom is calling me every day to ask questions for you or to push me to give you a job.

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