5 Masters Degrees That Could Double Your Income

Going back to school for a master’s degree may be a decision you have thought about repeatedly, weight the pros and cons of the debt you may incur during the process. If you have decided that a master’s program is right for you, finding one that can double your income can ultimately help to pay back your college tuition in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to live debt-free with ease.

5 Masters Degrees That Could Double Your Income

Selecting the right master’s degree program highly depends on your own interests and the type of work you are qualified for based on your previous experience and education.

Debbie has a Masters degree

Debbie has a Masters degree

Medical Degree

Obtaining a master medical degree and becoming a surgeon, physician or a medical specialist is ideal if you are seeking a career that has a growing outlook and a high earning potential. The average tuition and fees for private schooling to obtain a medical degree is $41,289 annually, whereas publicly it is possible to obtain the degree for approximately $22,959 each year. Although students who work towards a medical degree often find themselves in debt that adds up to more than $122,000, the average income for physicians is $188,000 annually whereas surgeons are capable of making upwards of $485,000 each year.

Doctor of Pharmacy


A doctor of pharmacy degree has an average cost of depending on whether you choose to attend a public or private school to earn it. The annual average t$29,618,uition for individuals w$14,476ho prefer a private institution is with an annual cost of for those who attend public universities. The average income of $106,630.those who work in a pharmacy with a master degree is about Most often, working in a pharmacy with a master’s degree requires helping patients to fill out the proper medical and in$18,000,surance forms.

Master of Public Health


Managing a public health company or service often requires a master of pu$90,970,blic health degree. The aver$34,824age public tuition each year for a master of public health is approximately with a private cost of $129,020each year depending on the educational institution you attend. The average income of a public health administrator is with debt averaging out at once the degr$82,601ee is obtained.


Working as a lawyer by obtaining your master’s degree in law will allow you to earn approximately an$18,461 annually depending on where you work and whether you have a practice of your own or work for an independent law firm. Students are often i$35,622n debt approximately upon obtaining a master’s degree in law. However, annual t$84,650uition and fees while working towards receiving your law degree in a public university is about If you plan to attend a private university while working o$18,345,n your law degree, the cost of a$49,921 attending the institution may rise upwards of each year.


Getting your MBA in business management will allow you to earn approximately as a business management analyst depending on the position you are in. The average tuition and fee cost for a MBA in public universities is approximately with a private tuition cost of The average debt for individuals working on their MBA is which can easily be paid back by finding a job in the business industry once you have graduated.

Determining the right master’s degree that could easily double your income can be done by assessing your current education, skills and the industry you desire working in that will help to build your career and your future.

Nathan Cooper is a career counselor who enjoys helping people find the career choice with the best possible income that suits their educational level, natural talents, and personality. Nathan was delighted to contribute to educational material that stresses the benefits of a masters education in todays workforce.

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