Top 5 Extracurricular Activities That Help A College Application

Applying for college can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, especially when waiting to hear back from the college admissions department. When you are thinking of applying for college or if you have an interest in pursuing a college degree, considering extracurricular activities that you have participated in may help to make a difference in whether or not you are accepted.

Understanding the benefits of extracurricular activities can help you to stand out when you are applying at a competitive college.

Top 5 Extracurricular Activities That Help A College Application

Although most often extracurricular activities are all equal, choosing activities that represent you most is ideal when showcasing them in your college applications.


Joining the yearbook club in high school is a great way to appeal to colleges, proving you are involved with class functions and interested in representing the individuals who you attending school with throughout. Yearbook clubs show that you are creative and willing to help with building any community that surrounds you. This can be ideal when you want to attend a college that prides itself on community and connecting with students. Being a part of the yearbook club in high school is also a way to show your school spirit, which is appealing to college admissions guides who review applications.

Being involved in volunteering and community service is a wonderful extracurricular activity

Being involved in volunteering and community service is a wonderful extracurricular activity

Community Service & Volunteering

Being involved in volunteering and community service is a wonderful extracurricular activity. It can show to the college you want to attend that you are dedicated and committed to working hard. Provide details of the type of community service or volunteering you were involved in to appeal to potential admissions representatives. The more references you have to show for the volunteering you have participated in, the easier it will be to stand out to those who are reviewing your college applications.


Drama clubs are also great extracurricular activities if you enjoy getting involved with others or if you are looking to pursue a position in a college that focuses on theater and fine arts. Drama is an ideal extracurricular activity to showcase your ability to work with others, communicate well, and get creative in any type of work or school environment. Drama clubs help to build character, boost confidence, and show that you have spirit when you are applying for a college that takes pride in how it is represented.

Student Council

Joining the student council while you are in high school can be highly beneficial when you are applying for any type of college, whether it is a university or a vocational school. Being a part of your high school’s student council shows that you have leadership skills and the ability to communicate and work well with your peers. If you are actively involved with student council or if you hold a leadership position yourself such as President, Secretary or Treasurer, this can also help to improve your chances of being noticed by potential admissions representatives of the colleges you applied for to attend.

Music and Sports

Sharing that you were involved in music or sports throughout your high school career is ideal if you want to attend college to pursue music and sports even further. It also shows college admissions guides that you work well with others and that you have the ability to focus and excel in subjects that interest you and draw you to them.

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